Natural Treatment For The Infant Cold

Natural Treatment For Infant ColdCold symptoms get serious as it may block your child’s nose and may hinder normal breathing.It gets more worrisome when congestion directly travels down to the lung from nasal passage.

Conventional over the counter drugs are not  recommended for your infants,you can try some home remedies as your first attempt at the first signs of cold.There are many effective home remedies that will relieve your baby’s cold and hopefully you will not be forced to see a pediatrician.

They are as following:

 Steam Inhalation

Warm steam is best remedy as it will loosen up the staborn mucous present in infant’s nose and chest.Steaming hot pot of water or mini suana can be used for this purpose.

Firmly hold your baby in your arms, keeping away from the hot pot.For best result cover your self with towel making a tent like steam unit with the hot pot within the sheet.

 Steam Shower

Fill the bathroom with steam by raising temperature of your geyser till it reaches it’s limits now run the shower , so that the steam gets trapped in the washroom.Keep the exhaust fan and the door closed for the steam to build.Sit in that steamed filled bathroom for as much time as the steam remains there.About 15-20 minutes are sufficient to loosen up the infant’s mucous.For best result do that twice a day once in morning and once before bedtime.

Use Vaporizer

You also use a vaporizer as it can surely humidify the baby’s room and keep it moisture filled, that may aid in the better breathing for the infant.You can also add few drops of doTERRA Eucalyptus Oil in the water, as that will further relieve the baby’s congestion. Make sure that the vaporizer is cleaned properly every day and it’s water should be changed daily as it will do more harm than good in avoiding this routine.

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 Use Saline

 Saline water drops can also be used for the baby.You can easily make them at home if you prefer, otherwise they can easily be purchased from the market.All you are required to do is to add a bit of salt to water.It’s taste should be close to the taste of tears.With the help of a clean dropper, put 2 drops of this saline solution in 1 nostril.

 Watch out a bit till the baby gets comfortable, then put it in the second nostril.This technique will make mucous easy and soft to blow out.Make sure to prepare a fresh saline solution daily.

Clear the Nose

You can either wait to drain out the mucous on it own or better by buying a good quality bulb syringe.

Be sure to blow out the air present inside the bulb before you put it in the baby’s nostril.All you need to do is to insert the tip of the syringe, allow the bulb to inflate slowly and lookout that it draws the mucous out of the infant’s nose.Always keep some warm water ready to clean the syringe.Clean it well and dry it up before every use.

Elevate Baby’s Head

Always keep the baby’s head on elevated position during cold.Put a  towel underneath the head or you can also tilt the crib for this purpose as helps to ease up the breathing process.

If the infant lie on the normal flat position  it will intensify the nasal congestion and make the breathing process much difficult.So it is recommended to keep the head of the baby at an elevated position because by doing so the gravity of the earth will keep baby free from congestion by allowing easy flow of the mucous.

 Keep Your Baby Well-Hydrated

Cold dehydrates the infant very fast. So it is advisable to keep your baby well hydrated as water plays a vital role in treating cold.The water content aids the baby to battle with the infection.Well hydrated baby will have less signs to catch cold and other associated symptoms.

Due to water intake the mucous of the baby remain thin and it helps your infant to feed more and stay healthy.Try feeding the baby right after you have worked towards baby’s de-congestion.

 Give Herbal Tea

You can also make a herbal blend by boiling 2-3 leaves of basil with freshly grated ginger in a single cup of water.They effective herbs to treat cold and should be taken thrice a day for eradication of cold symptoms.

Physical Therapy

As per “The American Academy of Pediatrics” parents should do a physical therapy to the infant by placing baby across their knees, with the head of the child placed down.Now the parents have to do is to tap the back of the baby with a cupped hand.This acts will help the congested nose to loosen the baby’s mucous and open the nasal blockage.

This therapy will drain out mucous automatically or you can also use a bulb syringe to remove the already loose mucous.You can also make your baby sit on your lap, with one hand to help her bend forward.Now you can repeat the same physical therapy using cup shape of the hand as done before on the back.This will help the child to cough up the mucus.That aids in mucus release that may have produced.

No Smoking and No Fumes

Keep the infant away from smokes of all types.Adults are advised to not to smoke in presence of baby as the smoke can even cling to your dress that can even bother your baby further.

Chest Rubs

You can get child rub from pharmacies, that are milder and gentler version of adult rubs.You should rub your baby’s chest and more importantly their back for best effects.The aromatic vapor up helps to de-congest your baby very efficiently.

Seek Medical Attention  

Be sure that the fever of your child should not exceed 101 degrees or the nails should not have bluish tinge or there should be no redness in the infant’s mucus, if the signs develop, then please consult a physician.

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