What exactly are “Super-foods”?

What is the term “ super-food”?

Basically speaking super-foods are that foods that give you “more bang for your buck” as compared to  normal foods in nutritional terminology.The term “ super-food” was coined in the 1990s,for the foods that were greatly packed with large amount of healthy concentrated nutrients. They are claimed to enhance appearance, increase the sporting ability,prevent heart disease and cancer, and increase overall energy. Super-foods has no specific definition and no fix list, outlining as to what isn’t and what is a super-food!

 What was the first acclaimed “ super-food”?

It is very difficult to state what food claimed the first ever” super-food status” as the real term has only been in use for a decade.But spinach is one early vegetable to fulfill the status of super food. Sales of spinach peaked in America (the trend setter of rest of the world) in 1950s after the popularity of the famous cartoon character, Popeye  , who gulped down tins of spinach to give himself might and strength to fight his opponent!

Where can you get “ super-food”?

Not all super-foods are exotic,difficult to get and hard to pronounce(eg, Quinoa pronounced “keen-wah”!)There is wide abundance of super-foods everywhere. Amla (goji berries) are superb, but I believe that the best super-foods are those that are familiar to you and are locally sourced.The best place to get wide range of super-foods on offer are your local market or fruit shop.  Anyhow for some special super foods like(cacao, chia seeds,maca powder) you might want to pay a visit to an organic health food store (if in Western countries) and for people in (South Asia and Middle East) can get them from online health stores or can try local pun sari shops or super market.

 So why not to take nutritional supplements or vitamin pills instead?

Super-foods have large deposits of antioxidants vitamins and minerals in their unprocessed and raw state,making them best organic food sources that are easily absorbed and are overall safer choice.The nutrients present in these super-foods are more easier to absorb than nutritional supplements and vitamin pills-as well as being tastier(Right, apart from wheat-grass which you have to gulp down and fake a smile and bare…).

Importantly,super-foods are dense on nutrients and sparse on calories..meaning that they give a super energy punch for their weight,as far as the goodness  can go!

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