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Burns can be divided into 3 categories depending on its severity,namely first degree burns,second degree burn and third degree burns.Third degree burns are very serious burns that need immediate medical attention as it is an high emergency condition.The following natural remedies are only to be used in cases of first and second degree burns only.

Use Cold Water

Cold water application on the burnt spot is very important part of first aid.The purpose behind this remedy is to cool down the burns.Although ice or ice water seem better choice but there application may worsen the burns. So, it is better to use cold running water only..For about ½ hour, place the burn part under cold running water, as that is very important step because it will work to fasten the healing of the burn.

Cold Full Cream Milk

Use 2 pieces of clean cloth, soak them in whole milk in cold state.Place 1 piece on the affected area and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.After carryout this procedure , remove the cloth and wash it properly with cold water.Meanwhile place the 2nd cloth soaked in cold full cream milk on the burn.After 15 minutes,carry on the same procedure with the 1st cloth.Repeat this process for almost 1 hour as it is most effective remedy for burns.


After the cleaning process by the use of cold running water,coat the burn with honey,as it contains potent natural properties that help to heal the burns very quickly.It also very quickly give relief from burns and also eliminates the scars.

Tomatoes Or Grated Potatoes

Grated potatoes and tomatoes contain important acids that minimize the occurring of blisters caused by burns.Placing of a slice of any one of the vegetable reduces the burns pain very quickly. Toothpaste Generous application of toothpaste on the burns is an excellent solution to burns.Toothpaste coating prevent occurrence of blisters and also helps immensely to ease the burns pain.It is important to keep the toothpaste coating on for 24 hrs and avoid gel toothpastes.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a powerful natural remedy for burns, all you need to do is to use a generous amount of soya sauce on the burn for ½ hour.This home remedy prevents blistering and also reduces pain. Onion Juice Onion juice is the most common remedy especially for professional chefs that face minor burns more frequently.You need to squeeze ½ piece of onion to get its juice and it is applied on the burnt areas. It is better to use fresh onion juice as if it exposed for longer time, it definitely looses its soothing properties.

Egg White

Egg white is another powerful home remedy as it heal the burn and relieves the pain.Make sure that the egg white coating should not dry as it can return the pain.Keep reapplication of egg whites to heal the burns more effectively.

doTERRA Lavender Oil

doTERRA lavender oil minimizes the chances of blistering and scarring.It contains powerful pain relieving properties that promotes faster healing.After cleaning and washing of burnt areas with cold running water,dry it properly and finally apply the essential oil directly on the affected area. You can also use a piece of cloth dipped in lavender oil and put it on the affected area of burn.Keep it on for 1 hour and replace it with fresh lavender oil dipped cloth.Redo this procedure for at least 3 to 4 times for better results. Buy this amazing lavender oil from the link below at a discounted price:

Tea Bag(black tea)

For 1st degree burns apply tea bags on effective area as it contains tannic acid that relieves pain and promote quick healing of burns.Put the tea bag dipped in cold water gently over the burnt area.

Aloe Vera

After cleaning the wound under cold running water, you can apply fresh aloe vera juice as it contains astringent,painkilling and tissue-healing properties that are beneficial in treating first degree, minor burns.People with heart disease should avoid this remedy for burns.

These are some of the natural remedies for treatment of first and second degree burns,and for severe third degree burns , you must seek emergency medical first aid.




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