Ways to Pamper Yourself


There are many ways to tend to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I am including a list to help you brainstorm your way to better self-care. The list is to stimulate, not define.

• Drink a cup of coffee or tea while doing nothing else

• Spend an hour window shopping, visit a flea market

• Draw a picture, doodle

• Re-read a favorite poem, article, or book. Let yourself sit and flip through a magazine

• Buy your favorite flowers and smell them

• Meditate

• Say your prayers and listen to Holy Quran

• Go to services at your place of worship

• Engage in a hobby you enjoy (cooking, paint, knit, garden, take photos)

• Go to a magazine store, book store. Read something for enjoyment

• Lift weights, take a class at the gym

• Go for a drive

• Visit an exhibit at a museum

• Engage in a sport (with people or alone) you enjoy (bowling, yoga, tennis, biking, golf, swimming)

• Take a nap

• Do crosswords, brainer teasers, word games

• Visit an exhibit at a museum or go wander around a gallery

• Watch a live sporting event or go hear some live music

• Go outside and stare the clouds for 15 minutes, sit in a park and watch the squirrels and birds

• Take your dog for a walk, play with a pet

• Help someone out

• Get a haircut

• Visit with a friend (face-to-face, on the phone, by email etc)

• Go for a hike (even in the city). Walk somewhere you have never been before. Take in the “newness” of your surroundings

• Go for a walk or run. Let yourself take in the sounds and smells. Try to be present

• Get a manicure, pedicure, or massage

• Watch hilarious videos on YouTube

• Go to a movie

• Let yourself space out and watch TV

• Take a class in a topic that interests you

• Go out to eat your favorite meal or eat a “comfort food” that you find soothing

• Do an adrenaline pumping activity (roller coasters, karaoke singing, horseback riding, skydiving, rock climbing)

• Sincerely appreciate/complement another person ( including strangers)

Stay healthy!

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