Action Plan To Live Your Dream Life


Action Plan To Live Your Dream Life

Today. I’m going to share with you 3 steps you can incorporate to be super successful and live the life of your dreams.

So, let’s get to this!


• Why did you start your study/career/job/business?

• What is your purpose, your vision, your mission for your life?

• What do you love and want to do on a daily basis? Why are you on this earth? What makes your heart sing?

• This is your WHY. Why will you shake mountains, why will you be consistent, even when things seem too hard to handle?


Make your mission statement

I………..know, feel, hear and see that the mission of my life is to…………because…………..


If you are aware of your purpose then from that you can design your outcome. Remember how strong the vision boarding, goal setting and law of attraction is? What we focus on is what we get. So, what do you want to experience, feel, perceive down the road—where is this all going and do your beliefs back that?

• What’s your dream “A” Game?

• Is this about really making a difference?

• Is it to create a lifestyle—a freedom around you that works for you?

• Is it a practice—like a doctor where you are working one on one with your clients?


Jot down your perfect day.
Go to your favorite relaxing place, allow yourself to day dream and write it down on the paper. Just remember if you can language it, you can have it.


It’s vital to notice what you need to take you to the next level, be consistent, build awareness and keep moving forward to your goals.

Replace “failure” out of your vocabulary with “success”. Keep taking baby actions and if it’s not getting you the desired results, then change it up! Do something differently next time. Cultivate behavioral flexibility.

But please, don’t just quit. Don’t be too pensive either rather take action. Brush off the dust, remind yourself that you are a legend and wholeheartedly reach your goals and live life of your dreams.

Do something new daily that will take you towards your dream life and that is in align with your purpose/vision.

I promise you, you will be surprising yourself in few days if you take action on these 3 action plans.

So, it’s time for you to take action, legend.

Make yourself proud!

Stay healthy!

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