Cupping Therapy : Explained


Cupping is a procedure that involves warming a rounded cup and placing it upside-down over a part of the body. This placement creates a suction effects that keeps the cup to the skin, promoting circulation. In traditional Chinese medicine cupping is said to stimulate the flow of vital energy (“chi”)

Cupping is used to treat following health conditions:

• Inflammation
• Depression
• Congestion
• Pain
• arthritis

It also restores healthy flow of “chi” and also cures any imbalances arising from injury or illness.

Cupping Procedure

In a cupping procedure the expert puts a flammable substance (like alcohol or herbs) into a cup, and then ignite that substance. When the fires goes out, the practitioner puts the cup upside-down over certain “chi” pathway linked to the condition being treated. The cup is usually left in place for 5 to 10 minutes, it helps to expand blood vessels and promote circulation. Cupping is also useful for detoxification and it also helps to open the skin pores.

In a procedure called “wet cupping” the skin is punctured prior to treatment. As a result, the blood flows out of the punctures, which is considered to clear up chemicals and wastes from the body.

Cupping Merits

Till now, there is no scientific evidence to support cupping as a viable treatment for any health problem. In 2009 research, 7 trials testing cupping in patient with pain (like cancer pain and low back pain); results showed that most of the studies were of poor quality.

According to 2010 research, scientists studied 5 studies that tested the use of cupping in stroke rehabilitation. The review results showed weak evidence of effectiveness of cupping in treatment of stroke. However, 2 studies did show promising results for cupping in stroke treatment. For example, cupping had positive effects on muscle strength and shoulder pain.

Cupping Safety

Although cupping is generally considered safe, it can cause swelling, burns, and pain in some cases. It also leaves marks on the skin; which take few days to heal.

According to the scientific evidence cupping’s effectiveness or safety is uncertain, so it is not scientifically unrecommended.

However, according to Islamic studies Cupping (Hijama) is highly considered superior way of treatment.

According to the saying of Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) : “Indeed the best of remedies you have is hijama, and if there was something excellent to be used as a remedy then it is hijama.”

If you are considering the use of cupping, make sure to consult your physician before beginning the treatment.

Stay healthy!

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