Seven steps to live longer!


If you want to live longer and enjoy life—you must read this article.

Here are my seven steps:

1. Eat low calories on a super healthy diet.

This one principle has been proven over and over repetitively. By eating a super food based diet of 30 to 40 % less than normal, you can maintain your weight and live a healthy, happy, long life by avoiding cancer, diabetes, heart disease and much, much more.

2. Keep a balance.

The blood can easily indicate your health performance. A healthy low-calories diet will aid you to keep these figures in check:

• Triglycerides levels
• Blood sugar levels
• Cholesterol levels
• Blood pressure levels

3. Avoid tobacco and second hand smoke.

Smoking is very serious problem. It leads to cancer, hardening arteries and more. Smoking is major cause of preventable death and disease all around the world.

4. Eliminate alcohol.

Alcohol is the world’s third highest risk factors. It damages immune system and causes many diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and is a major cause of suicides, violence and accidents.
According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, the leading risk factors were:

• Alcohol use
• Tobacco smoking
• High blood pressure

5. Include daily moderate physically activity.

Daily physical activity helps to maintain good health, balance and a great quality of life as you age. Just a regular walk offers some of the major health merits.

6. Have a healthy social life.

A good social life with health oriented family and friends has been proven to be great for your heart. Even adoption of a pet can also add heart-healthy years to your life.

7. Practice optimistic and positive attitude.

Research have found that optimistic people lower their risk of early death by 50% in comparison with those who tend to be more pessimistic and negative.

Although some of these healthy lifestyle and anti-aging steps may be challenging at first. But now that you know how to enjoy and live longer life, why not take on the challenge?

Stay healthy!

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