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You may be well aware that having sincere friends is a foundation for having more success, possibilities and overall well-being. It is a well-researched fact that making friends as an adult is more difficult than when you were a kid. As adults, we require to be more prudent and proactive about it.

If you find it hard to meet new people and make friends, then here are tips that you can use:

Evaluate what type of friend you desire to have.
To save yourself time, do a little planning. Begin by activating your mind and focusing it on the right people you want in your life. This will make it easy for you to spot them. All you have to do is a make a general list of hobbies, attributes, or qualities that you desire your future friends to have. This list does not have to be definitive; it’s just a guide for your mind. You can start by listing attributes like “interesting, fun, productive, honest, ambitious, healthy and so on”.
Go to places where it is easy to mingle with people.

Do not expect to make friends in public venues. Instead, go to places where it’s very appropriate and easy to walk up to anyone and introduce yourself. Some places even encourage it, such as charitable or cultural events, conferences, trade shows, etc.
Search for a local community.

This is probably the fastest manner to make new friends: explore a local community that is about something interesting to you, and that holds regular social events for the members. Begin attending their events and then offer to help the organizing team. They will be happy you enquired and give you some small errands. It will make them wander about your generosity and usually they will gravitate towards you.

Find commonalities with the potential friends.
If you have something in common with a new friend, it will make you more nearer to each other. Things in common can be similar opinions, habits, stories or experiences. To speed up this process, look for similarities with the people you meet as you talk to them, inform them about common experiences.

Show your weak side, in the initial stage of friendship.
People in politics tend to abuse this technique; because it works a lot. They will tell you about how they cannot resist French fries, or how their wife wears the pants in the house. But you, as an honest person, do not have to make this up. All you need to do is disclose something funny or quirky about you; any imperfection will do. This is a way to show to the people you meet that you are human like them.

Stay in touch.
Usually people lose friends because they forget to stay in touch, especially in new friendships. If you cease to stay in touch, you will not be in their radar for long. Few of them will keep reaching out to you as well, but it’s better to take charge. Take one hour, every week, and do nothing but reach out to people via email. The key here is to do it every week, which will your social life growing and going for a long time.

Introduce your friend to each other.
It is very difficult to start a social circle from scratch if you do not focus one on groups of friends, as opposed to individual friends. I recommend that you begin introducing friends to each other, even if you only have a couple, and even if you are just getting to know them. This group-effect will make them want to call and make plans way more likely. This means that you will have ample of time to concentrate on other areas of your life.

Introducing people to one another becomes your primary way of adding substance to other individual’s lives, and just makes your plans more interesting and fun.

These techniques will get you started. If you want to have a great social circle, it is better that you learn about friendship and how it works, as it is not really taught at school.

Stay healthy!


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