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Instead of go, go, go, could you try slow, slow, slow? Life will always be busy, but finding a few ways to slow down can bring you happiness and better health.

Many of us feel trapped in this vortex of do, do, do, go, go, go, create, succeed, move faster, do more be more, get more. It is exhausting!

This state of hyper-stress has contributed majorly to the staggering growth of serious health problems we face today. People switch to medications for anxiety and stress and heedlessly take large amounts of refined junk, sugar and caffeine just to get through another day.

Without much thinking, going for opposite approach, reducing the speed and becoming unhurried can enhance and benefit our lives mentally, physically and spiritually. And we just might accomplish more.

• Set the table and chew your food.

Have you ever sat down with someone for a meal and watched them devour their meal before you have even had a single bite?
Or perhaps you have spent hours cooking a delicious healthy meal and the plate is licked clean within five minutes?
Digestion starts in the mouth and our teeth are there for a reason, to break down food.

Our saliva contains enzymes that activate the digestion process. There are numerous advantages of chewing your food deliberately and slowly like: reduced gas and bloating, improved digestion, stronger gum and teeth, increased digestive enzymes, weight management, and a clearer, calmer and relaxed mind.
Take small bites and chew your food until it becomes dissolved. It takes a little practice but will soon become second nature.

• Get everyone involved in preparing the meal and set the table for a proper dinner

Mealtime is a sacred experience, a time to share, reflect and show gratitude. Research proves that families who make time to eat together have a better sense of belonging, better communication, and generally happier and healthier.

• Take a stroll in nature

Breathing in fresh air filled with energy and light can help ease and even heal many ailments like arthritis, addiction, diabetes, and depression. It is a great way to meditate and exercise, if you are alone and a nice way to share some uninterrupted, focused conversation if walking with someone. Staying outdoors always lifts my spirits, centers me, fills me with a sense of wellbeing and peace. The beautiful nature fills my soul with humility and love. So, why hurry our precious time here?

• Slow your spending

Do I really need that? Can I afford it? Will I really use it? Is it the momentary rush, the release of dopamine that I am after? Slow spending is being mindful of that impulse to slap down your credit card every time you see something you think you want. With holidays quickly approaching, now is a perfect opportunity to practice mindful, slow spending.

Before that next impulse purchase, take a walk out of the store or step away from your computer and ask yourself the above questions. If the answer is no to any of them, do not buy it. Sometimes the less you spend, the happier you are.

Stay healthy!