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7 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health Now!

7You may not realize how much data is constantly streaming into your brain from your family, job, social media, and television.

Adding to this “white noise” is the decrease in simple tasks you once had to do yourself which are no longer necessary.

The presence of computers and cell phones hinder your ability to improve brain health and protect it from degeneration ; as there is no need to search for  your spelling mistakes, ability to remember your payment of bill, and to recall a phone number to name a few.

Cognitive Functions of Your Brain

Your brain is the most complex organ in your body.  So complex, in fact, that scientists are still finding connections and learning how different areas of the brain work.

There are five essential cognitive functions of your brain that come into play when you want to “boost” brain power:  spatial concepts, language skills, executive functions, attention span, and memory.

How you train your brain may depend heavily on your habits.

7  Ways to Improve Your Brain Health Right Now

1.    Positive Thinking

Tai chi, yoga, guided deep breathing, and meditation can help you stay “in the moment” and release anxiety and stress from a bad day.

The above mentioned activities have been proven to improve blood flow, increase lung capacity, minimize stress, and improve your brain health.

Small amounts of temporary stress is natural but too much causes an increase in the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine.  When those levels get too high the result is inflammation, heart disease, mental disorders and damage to your central nervous system.

Set aside at least 15 minutes each day to take deep breaths and clear your mind.  The habit will literally change the way your brain processes stressors and affect your entire life – not the least of which is improving your reasoning skills.

2. Get Moving

Regular exercise – even low or no impact activities – helps your body produce more nerve cells and strengthens their communication.

BDNFs ( brain-derived neurotrophic factors), are proteins that are emitted while exercise and help protect the brain from mutation and oxidative damage. People, who exercise daily, have improved basic learning skills as well.

3. Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

If you laugh, your brains emits endorphins which is a “happy-hormone”- that makes you feel happy inside out.

A good hearty laugh, helps to fight stress and boosts energy.  It helps your system to vent out negative emotions, so you can go back to your life with a renewed sense of well-being.

4. Change of Scenery

Incase you feel, sleepy, unmotivated or sluggish-get up and go for a walk, stop by a new business in town, or take a drive on a road you have never been on before.

Getting up from your desk and considering a problem from a different location resets the way your brain processes it.  Set goals and track your progress – it trains your brain to use specific methods for problem-solving and helps you stay positive.

5. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Improper sleep has been associated with heart disease, obesity, mental disorders, cognitive decline and so forth. The importance of getting at least seven hours each day cannot be stressed enough if you wish to improve brain health.

Your physical and mental health depends on restful sleep each and every day.  When you sleep, your brain “catalogs” what you’ve taken in while you were awake.

6. Healing by Listening to Holy Quran

Many studies have been done on the “Mozart Effect” – where students performed better on higher-level thinking when listening to sound waves.  Listening to sound waves helps the right side of your brain “tune in” and look at situations from a different angle.

The Holy Quran’s sound has wave sounds a certain wave length and frequency. The consequent wave fields affect the brain positively and restore its balance. It gives the body a strong immunity to fight and protect against illnesses as big as Cancer .

The amazing effect resulting from Listening to Quran

The continuous listening to the recitation of Holy Quran gives you the following real fruitful results:

  • Change some bad habits such as excessive eating and smoking
  • Protect from diseases such as cancer and so on
  • Increase the immunity of the body
  • Improve the concentration ability
  • Enhance the creativity sense
  • Heal the chronic and incurable illnesses
  • Create inner peace and heal the neural tensions
  • Change the behavior and enable people to communicate better and gain trust
  • Heal nervousness, irritation and precipitation
  • Decrease fear and hesitation
  • Improve the ability of taking right decisions
  • Improve and strengthen the personality
  • Improve the speech ability
  • Heal the normal illnesses such as allergy, headache, flu ,etc.
  • Quran lovers tend to have higher IQs and are more emotionally connected to those around them

7. Keep Learning

Always read as much as you can – especially books you might not usually consider.  Reading new writing styles, unfamiliar matter, that you have never known or read before is superb to “boost-up iron” in your brain.

Doing crosswords and other complex puzzles-helps strengthen critical thinking skills and recall of knowledge or past events.

In awake of sizeable, steady cases of dementia yearly, I would advise you, to address brain health,  like building muscle mass or high blood pressure.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,



5 Minutes Weekly Strawberry Cinnamon Detox

5Occasionally our self-cleaning mechanisms can get sluggish, and need a bit of spring cleansing and fine tuning.  If you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, unable to sleep, or may find yourself constipated, bloated or fatigued with dark under eye circles and dull skin…..then I your health coach, suggest you to go for a simple five minutes strawberry cinnamon detox to give your liver and kidneys a break and to flush your blood and body of unwanted toxins.5

Digestion Boost with Strawberries

Strawberries, the ruby red fruit, are full of potassium, vitamin C, and folate, as well as ellagic acid (the cancer-fighting compound). Dr.Paul Thornalley and his research team at the Warwick Medical School in the UK, strawberry extract activate Nrf2.1 (a protein) that increases the body’s production of enzymes and antioxidants responsible for lowering blood cholesterol levels and removing toxins from the body.5

Weight Loss Made Easy By Cinnamon

Derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree, cinnamon is not only rich in iron, manganese, and calcium, but may also play a role in weight loss. According to Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, report of 2010, cinnamon may help to prevent the accumulation of stored fat. The study author, fed two groups of rats a diet high in sugar and fat. The authors of the study,  concluded that the groups of rats that were given cinnamon gain less weight, leading them to say that the spice was the key to purge the body fat.

Other research suggests that cinnamon can help:

  • Lower  triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol)
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Impart antibacterial and antiviral benefit
  • Decrease inflammation5

Add a Dash of Honey

I would suggest you to add a dash of honey, while preparing this detox drink as research suggests that it may help prevent fat storage. According to the Journal of Food Science, the rats who were given honey lost  weight regardless of the fact that they ate more, in comparison with rats who were given sucrose, or no sugar at all. Researchers concluded that honey helps fat to pass out of the digestive system and prevent fat from storing in the body.

Mix it up

Mix 5 strawberries (cut in half), a ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of honey with 1 liter of water. Steep the strawberry, cinnamon detox for overnight and enjoy it in the morning for five minutes. I would advise you, to include this detox as a weekly detox program or as an occasional detox treat.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic


A Total Fat, Diabetes and Pancreatitis Buster Recipe!

recipeClent Manich from Oregon, weighing 447 pounds, suffered from acute pancreatitis and Type 2 diabetes. His doctors told him that he would die soon but he consumed this green smoothie daily, and was able to overcome his diabetes and completely came off insulin and all other medications within 3 weeks! And after 14 weeks he lost 100 pounds and eventually lost 226 pounds after one year and maintained it well!


It fills up the blender till the brim. You can add and subtract water depending on the texture you require. You can pour the smoothie into 16 oz. glass jars with lids and put it in refrigerator; and consume it every 2 to 3 hours until it finishes. You can begin the day with carrot juice, with some wheatgrass, and add ¼ tsp of cinnamon. After half an hour start drinking this smoothie.

On this diet, you can snack on vegies and fruits, and drink plenty of pure water, all day long. No need to have extra protein powder as this smoothie already has protein.


By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic






Natural Ways to Balance Hormones

hormonesHormones imbalance is often considered as a complicated problem to tackle. As it plays an essential role in your health and happiness. Slight imbalance can cause dramatic effects on your weight, appearance, mood, fertility, energy and anxiety levels.

However, like other health problems, hormone imbalance can be reversed with simple healthy lifestyle changes.

Symptoms and causes of hormone imbalance:

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are experienced during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and postpartum, perimenopause and menopause. That makes up a sizable portion of a woman’s life.

The common hormone imbalance symptoms include:

•           Premenstrual syndrome,

•           Acne or skin breakouts

•           Urinary tract infections

•           Temperature changes,

•           Anxiety and irritability,

•           Headache/migraines,

•           Cravings for sweet,

•           Excess hair growth,

•           Allergy symptoms,

•           Problem sleeping,

•           Irregular periods,

•           Feeling fatigued,

•           Water retention,

•           Oily or dry skin,

•           Endometriosis,

•           Mood swings,

•           Weight gain,

•           Depression.

Although hormones are tiny little things, but when out of balance can make a big havoc.

Common hormone imbalance causes include:

•           Lack of good nutrition: Good nutrition provides your body with all the vital tools to balance hormone naturally.

•           Adrenal exhaustion and stress: Your adrenal glands (which produce stress fighting hormones) gets exhausted under constant stress and are unable to carry out their job.

•           HRT and birth control pills: Women on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or “the pill” tend to have imbalanced hormones—even after they leave it.

•           Insulin or glandular imbalance: Your endocrine glands are responsible for hormone production, they are negatively affected by a wide range of conditions, such as stress, yo-yo dieting, illnesses or drugs.

•           Drugs, stimulants and chemicals: Medications, stimulants such as caffeine, toxins and hormones from pesticides in our food, air and water can mimic estrogen and interfere with our natural hormone balance.

•           Pregnancy and postpartum: Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride as far as hormones are concerned. If you are in bad health before, during and after childbirth, your hormone imbalance will let you know-in no uncertain terms!

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

These foods helps you balance your hormones naturally:

•           Essential fatty acids (nuts, whole grains, olive oil and omega 3 fish).

•           Fruits high in flavonoids (citrus fruits, red grapes and berries).

•           Plant sources for good estrogen (lentils, peas and soybeans).

•           Nutritious green leafy vegetables (Swiss chard, spinach and kale).

•           Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli).

•           Natural high fiber foods (fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains).

•           Nutritional health supplements-multiples that include B complex.

•           Omega 3 fish oil (such as tuna, salmon and fish oil supplements).

•           And choosing organic poultry, fish and produce whenever possible.

Avoid these foods to cure hormone imbalance naturally:

•           Alcoholic beverages and high glycemic foods (sweetened food).

•           Refined carbohydrates (white pasta, white rice and white flour).

•           Caffeine (caffeinated colas, coffee and other “energy” drinks).

•           Animal fats store bad hormones (full-fat dairy and red meat).

And finally, follow these simple lifestyle changes to balance your hormones naturally:

•           Make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night and enough rest.

•           Improve stress management (yoga, deep breathing or meditation).

•           Include regular physical activity and exercise on a daily basis.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic


Is Butter Good for You!?

butterThe Skinny on Saturated Fat

Once upon a time, margarine reigned as supreme over saturated fat, which was proclaimed as evil, around the world! As it could lead to obesity and heart attack! However, there is no proof to prove that saturated fats causes obesity, and there is huge evidence showing that saturated fat protects, you, against cardiovascular diseases. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, natural, whole butter reduced heart diseases, risk by whopping 69 percent.

What saturated fat does?; is to increase the HDL cholesterol (the good fat) and converts the risky small- particles of LDL, into more benign large LDL that aids to stimulate fat burning and improves satiety.


The cell membranes consists of saturated fat, it is an essential nutrient required to aid in mineral and vitamin absorption, and in synthesis of important hormones. And for the fat link, an overabundance of sugar and carbohydrate as is really to blame.

Sugar and carbohydrates raise the blood sugar, and leads to insulin resistance which promotes fat storage. So eating saturated fats with loads of carbohydrates makes it fatty; otherwise it’s not.


Butter for Better Nutrition

Butter is rich in fat-soluble vitamin E and A. There are many other meat, vegetable, and plant sources rich in vitamin E and A, butter contains a rare vitamin K2; which is important for calcium metabolism and a diet deficient in K2 is linked with increased risk of osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. The best source of vitamin K2 is BUTTER FROM GRASS-FED DAIRY COWS!

It contains 3-4 percent of butyrate( a 4-carbon anti-inflammatory, fatty acid) that protects the digestive system. Butter also contain conjugated linoleic acid, which speeds-up metabolism (often marketed as a weight loss supplement) and has immense anti-cancer properties.

Although, you can’t depend on butter for all your nutrients (not to mention, a stick of butter a day may be hard to stomach), you should no longer avoid it for fear of getting fat or increasing your risk of a cardiovascular event. A dollop of butter will do your heart and your body good!

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic


Vitamin Combination Necessary!

Vitamin combiinations


These vitamin combinations, enhance, the absorption power of the body to make use of the nutrients, to the fullest! So without, further amiss let’s focus on the following vitamins combos for the added health benefits to your body!

Combo #1: Vitamin D and Calcium

Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium, thus preventing osteoporosis and improving bones health.

Natural Sources of Calcium:

Spinach, celery, cabbage, almonds, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, goose berries, broccoli, kale, etc.

Natural Sources of Vitamin D:

Mushroom and sunlight

Combo #2: Vitamin C and Iron

Vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron , which is needed by the body, for better transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Especially if the iron source is non-animal based. Plus vitamin C is also good for the heart, gums, and is an overall immunity booster!

Natural Sources of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, berries, bell pepper,  pineapple; thyme and parsley, dark leafy green, tomatoes, melons etc.

Natural Sources of Iron

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fig, coconut, parsley, potatoes, tomatoes, apricot, bananas,  kale, almonds, chia seeds, grapes etc.

Combo #3: Folic Acid and Vitamin C

Folic acid helps red blood cells to form DNA and also prevent birth defects like pina bifida. Where as to for better-absorption power, take vitamin  C with folic acid.

Natural Sources of Folic Acid:

Dark leafy green, citrus fruits, berries, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.

Natural Sources of Vitamin C

As mentioned above!

Combo #4: Vitamin A and Zinc

Vitamin A helps in absorption of zinc, which is required by body for quick healing and better immunity.  Where as vitamin A is good for hairs, nails, eyes and skin; it also protects you against cancer by inhibiting production of DNA in the cancerous cells.

Natural Sources of Vitamin A

Mango, tomato, melon, dark leafy greens (mustard greens, turnip green, collard greens, spinach), basil, parsley, oregano etc.

Natural Sources of Zinc

Blackberries, figs, medjool dates, bananas, peaches, apricot, plums, avocados, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, etc.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic



Five Healthy Swaps for Good Health!


Craving for sweet, fatty, salty snacks!? Don’t rush for the wrong choices, that will ultimately, make you feel guilty! Instead, if you crave sugar, go for fruits; as they are nature’s candies.

Wanting to eat, salty variety, wait, as they are prone to cause dehydration and might raise your BP leading to stroke and heart disease. Instead, have dried herbs and spices, as a substitute!

Going for butter laden food items!? Don’t as they are cause of artery-clogging saturated fats. Instead, if your recipe requires butter or eggs, get use of nature’s creamy, smooth avocados; they are superb replacement! Instead of mucus forming and hormones laden cow’s milk, go for almond milk. It is full of vitamins and minerals; and contains no casein, lactose, gluten and completely cholesterol – free. Unlike the Cow’s milk which cause mucus and brain fog according to the latest research.

If you crave bagel, go for banana! According to one study, grains contain Phytic Acid, which causes mineral deficit; as it impairs the body ability to absorb calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper! As the grains are sprouted the Phytic Acid level decreases ; and vitamins and minerals content increases, but now a days the grains consumed by the people are not sprouted; which leads to diseases like osteoporosis. Eat fruit carbs as they are more nourishing like in the case of fully – ripened bananas; which gives you all the nourishment without any depletion caused to your body.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic




Blood Pressure Drugs: More Harm Than Good!

blood pressureDid you know…the over- the-counter blood pressure drugs actually do more harm than good?

Would you take a medicine if you knew the side effects such as loss of libido, insomnia, and even death, if you knew that it would not give any of the promised benefits?

According to the Cochrane Collaboration, patients with slight hypertension at stage 1 level are being overly or wrongly prescribed with medication without any merits.

MD’s have assumed for many decades, the use of blood pressure medicines as best treatment options for hypertension at stage 1. However, according to the recent review by the Cochrane Collaboration, there were no benefits detected in the use of medicines to treat mild hypertension.  It was concluded that those medicines caused more harm than good literally.

Check the info-graphic for the review of the above mentioned study and the health conditions caused by the use of Big Pharma drugs for hypertension!

Let’s talk about “Disease creep” horrors

“Disease creep” is a medical term for treating patients for a disease that they have not yet developed. It refers to the growing trend amongst the medical doctors in prescribing patients with possible risk for a disease or a mild case of hypertension or any other disease, with the same drug as those with the full-blown cases.

After the Cochrane Collaboration’s review and it’s findings; that the side effects of these drugs outweigh its possible benefits for the patients. Still, the big pharmaceutical industry is the same regardless of whether their treatments are approved or effective.

Very rightly put by Craig Stellpflug, a lifestyle coach, cancer nutrition specialist, that big pharma medicines don’t cure but make repeat customers.

My suggestions:

I would advise you to go for eradication of the root-cause rather than treating the symptom of a disease; which is done plainly by popping a prescribed medicine pills. Instead, go for simple dietary adjustments; life style changes; and safe and powerful natural cures. Like you can consider, ditching blood pressure drugs if you are at mild stage or stage 1 of the disease, and go for Mediterranean diet; gluten-free diet; do exercise, giving up on heavy metals; they are definitely less dangerous and more effective ways to reduce your blood pressure.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic