Garlic Never Goes Bad!?Bring on Black and Sprouted Ones!

black_garlicGarlic is the natural cure for variety of ailments of fungal, viral, infectious and bacterial nature. Due to it’s richness in phytochemicals and sulfurous compounds, it is robust to fight inflammation and the disorders related to inflammation like osteoarthritis; and garlic also protect your heart against plaque and clotting; plus it lowers your blood pressure, and also maintains an overall healthy lipid profile.

However, recent research shows that  black and sprouted garlic  have; even more antioxidants that fights the disease better than the white ones!

Black Garlic on Surki (Headline :) ) How? Find out……

Black garlic undergoes through a long-process of fermentation; which gives it a soft chewy texture, balsamic vinegar type taste and it’s dark hue. In which the whole bulbs of fresh garlic are allowed to undergo fermentation for “30-days” in controlled- environment at the temperature of 140-170 degrees. They then go through a 45-days of oxidation period; after which they turn chewy and blackish in color.

This doesn’t sound appetizing, but the research has it ; that the compounds, formed, in between the process of fermentation are loaded in disease-fighting “ANTI-OXIDANTS.”

The black garlic contains sulpherous compound S-allylcyctene (SAC),  which is close to allicin compound present in fresh garlic, that makes it 100 % bioavailable and more stable; which means SAC is readily absorbed by the body unlike allicin; which should consumed quickly after cutting (read till the end to find out about allicin).

According to animal study taken placed in 2009, which showed; that black garlic , reduced tumor-size more effectively than fresh garlic!  Which clearly shows the role of black garlic as more powerful!

Sprouted Garlic is good! How? Read on…..

Have you, ever thrown out the sprouted garlic?! Considering it bad?! Please don’t do that from now on!!!! Why ? because according to the “Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry”; the sprouted garlic (for about 5 days) contains off limit antioxidant capacities than fresh garlic.

In that study, the sprouted garlic protected the cells in laboratory dish; from various damage. which is not surprising; for the researchers because in the plants-world; when a seedling transforms into a plant, it grows phytochemicals and sulpherous compounds to protect the plant against pathogens.

On the other hand, white-garlic; is packed with vitamin C and B6, and minerals like selenium, manganese, phosphorus, and calcium, along with more than 100 other phytonutrients.  White garlic  also contain sulphorous compound allicin which is natural’s antibiotic that is created whenever garlic is smashed, chopped or injured;  and which should be consumed within an hour’s time after the chopping; to take full-advantage of it’s anti-infectious properties.

Whatever, garlic you pick!!! Just stay true to it!!! For all the right reasons!! A little review done on GARLIC by me your health coach, to tell you; EVEN WHAT YOU CONSIDER,  AS INEDIBLE GARLIC IS NOT TRUE!!!! LOL GARLIC NEVER GOES BAD!!!


By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic


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