Cutting-Down on Carbs; Lower Inflammation

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Cutting-Down on Carbs; Lower Inflammation


Look at the info graphic for the research and follow my 7 tips; ON HOW TO GO LOW-CARB!!!!

• 1
I suggest you to learn about GI-glycemic index and how it affects your health. GI is a gauge of food’s effect on your blood glucose level. So eating good-carbs which are low on GI will not give your insulin/blood sugar drastic fluctuations, which are so bad for your health. You can Google for GI of your favorite foods.

• 2
Eliminate all types of “whites,” like white pasta, rice, flour and bread. The white flour is empty calories; which has no nutritional value, just makes you sick, inflamed and fat. As they have no nutrition, your body will crave more, thus resulting in poor-health.

• 3
I suggest you eat more yams and sweet potatoes and cut down on regular potatoes.

• 4
Cut-back on sweetened tea, soft drinks and breakfast cereal, all of which contain high levels of refined sugars. They are bad as they raises your blood sugar level, making you over-eat.

• 5
Instead eat whole-grains in limits. They are more natural and unlike refined-carbs they digest slowly; thus providing more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole-grains include quinoa, barley, millet, and bulgur wheat.

• 6
Eat good fat and protein along with carbs when you do indulge. Good fat and protein will help you crave less bad-carbs.

• 7
You can also take legumes, green vegetable and brown rice. These food sources have good carbs for energy, will provide you nutrition and are fairly low on the GI.


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