Morning Rituals for Optimal Health


So, like many of us, your morning routine may include washing-up your face, brushing teeth, taming wild hair; oil-pulling if oral-health conscious?! What, I want you to do as your health coach; after you crawl out of your bed and do the above mentioned rituals, is to, add-up the following simple things into your before you get ready to face the world-routine.


Now that you have done your regular hygiene stuff; it’s time for you to monitor and check your body, for subtle imbalances. Okay, by doing the following steps; you will get an insight into what’s going on inside of your body. Plus, these few minutes added, to your morning-routine, will be hugely beneficial for your quest for optimal health.

1.       Monitor the color of your tongue.

Okay, before you move away from the mirror, check out the color of your tongue. Whether it’s light pink or dark red? The shade of the tongue is a superb marker for the amount of inflammation present in your body. So, you may ask, what to notice? If it’s dark red, it’s means your body is highly inflamed. Ideally, it should be lighter shade of pink. So, you notice dark red, it’s high time to start anti-inflammatory diet

2.       Now, check your eyes.

It’s time to look into your eyes and see, whether the whites of your eyes are bloodshot, yellowish or white and clear? If they are bloodshot, you should be worried about inflammation, stress or fatigue; if they are yellow; I suggest you go for a detox as it points towards toxins and chemicals build-up.  While white and clear are the ones you should be targeting for.

3.       Check the feel and taste of your mouth.

If you have a white gunk build-up, in or around the corners or a unusually strong breath,  this may be a red flag that something is out of whack.  You may be struggling with food sensitivity or a buildup of toxins in the body. Otherwise, slightly sour morning mouth is fairly normal.

4. Examine your poop.

Most people prefer to flush before they check out what’s in the toilet bowl. But wait! Your bowel movements are an excellent way to gain some insight into how things are going inside your body. It’s best; you have one to three normal bowel movements per day. Here’s a detailed Info-graphic to help you out!


5. Observe your skin.

As you’re washing your face and moisturizing your body, observe your skin and watch for any changes or irritation. If you notice anything unusual you may be able to identify or prevent more serious internal health issues.

6.  Test your pH.

If you have an extra moment in the morning, get out your litmus paper and to test your pH. Use either saliva or urine (the second pee of the day will give you a more accurate reading).  You should look for neutral pH, ideally. As overly alkaline or overly acidic body can cause a variety of physical ailments. Normally, the standard Pakistani diet, focuses on acidifying foods like sugar, dairy, grains and proteins. If you get an acidic pH reading, I suggest you to eat more alkaline-based foods like veggies and dark leafy greens.

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain is a certified Health Coach IIN, U.S, Holistic Nutrition Therapist, SNHS, U.K, Food Investigator, Published Health Expert.  She is a graduate of Psychology, Philosophy and English Literature. She was also nominated for “Full-Bright Scholarship Program,” from St. Joseph College for women. She is originally from Pakistan; but she stayed in Oman where she studied ahead to become “the First-Health Coach from the Sultanate.”



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