Turmeric: The Hidden Shifa !

The ancient culinary spice is back in action again. Yes, the bright yellow, mellow in flavor, and look alike of root ginger. American know its taste via the famous, mustard sauce; and South Asian generously use it in their curry cooking. Any guesses?

You definitely can’t miss it. It’s TURMERIC!

Turmeric: The Hidden Shifa !!!!!!!!!!! A must read

Latest research, has highlighted its disease preventive nature on accounts of its anti-inflammatory properties.

This sacred spice has abundant healing properties due to a flavonoid curcumin that is also responsible for its brighter appearance.

Before we read down the advantages of turmeric. It’s important to hold in view the research review carried by the ethnobotanist James A. Duke PHD. He reviewed 700 studies, and concluded that turmeric is a potent disease-fighter against debilitating diseases incomparision with pharmaceuticals. And YES!!!!! Without any side-effects!!!!!

So, let me give you the benefits of turmeric based on my understanding, experience, and research.

So, here goes:

Turmeric helps against the following diseases:

1) Arthritis
Taking reference from Duke Study, it is to conclude that turmeric contain over a dozen anti-inflammatory agent that inhibit COX-2. (COX-2 is inflammation, pain, and swelling permoting enzyme). Turmeric due to curcumin has been found to do wanders against arthritis. Tested and proven.

2) Alzheimer’s disease

Based on Duke’s review of 50 studies, I recommend you to use turmeric against Alzheimer’s disease as block the beta-amyloid which is responsible of obstruction of cerebral function in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

3) Cancer
In reference with over 700 citations of cancer and curcumin, and 200 citations of health benefits of turmeric it is to conclude that turmeric plays a vital role against treatment and prevention of oral cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, and mammary cancer.

Above were my recommendations keeping Duke Research work in regards. Now, moving on with other advantages of turmeric.

Let me start with its fat burning property.

A) Fat Burner
According to Tufts University, turmeric suppresses the growth of fat cells, so it leads toward fat loss, and consequent weight loss.

B) Anti-aging

Turmeric is anti-aging as the curcumin present in turmeric, helps to repair and prevent DNA damage. I would like you to give it a try. No wonder, the eastern tradition of haldi ubtan is justifiable, and right.

C) Infection Buster

It helps to fight against some viruses. As proven by Goerge Mason University. I suggest you to use turmeric paste by boiling 3 cups of water with 3 table spoons of turmeric for at least 8 minutes. ) you can add more water if you feel the need). This turmeric paste is excellent against shingles or arthritis. It curtail infection growth against shingles, and for arthritis it a great topical ointment to relieve pain, and inflammation.

D) Blood Sugar Reducer

Plus, according Indian researcher, turmeric not only lowers blood sugar but also helps against complications of diabetes.

E) Liver Booster

Also, it prevents liver cirrhosis as proven by the experimental. So, a must use for liver patients.

F) Anti-Inflammatory

Finally, as inflammation causes diseases ranging from obesity to fibromyalgia, asthma, and cancer etc. So, I would like you to include this spice in your diet regularly.

You can make a tea of turmeric (my Vblog is on one such recipe, have a look), or you can use it in curry cooking or its capsules and pills are also available for your convenience. I would like you to take 400 mg of it thrice daily for better results.
Stay Healthy!


Turmeric Tea Recipe to Fight Pain, and Inflammation
Did you know inflammation is the root-cause of all the disease. While, turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory herb. Now, you can easily heal arthritis, gout, joint pain, head ache, and autoimmune diseases by taking this potent turmeric herbal tea.

So, here goes:

Turmeric (1/2 teaspoon powder );
Water (1 glass);
Raw honey, and lemon juice.

Boil the 1 glass of water, first.
Add turmeric in it, and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Strain it, and add honey, and lemon juice to enhance the taste.

Next time you feel body/ joint ache. Try this instead of bad pain killers like Tylenol.

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