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diabetes type 2I have seen mostly all the type 2 diabetics, doing finger test to check their blood sugar. But when we ask them as to what have they done to lower that elevated blood sugar reading; have they raised their Oral Diabetes Medicine or Insulin use? They say NO.

So, the point is that this finger testing method to find blood sugar level is usually an effort that is in vain.

Apart from the expensive blood strips purchase, and maintenance of Glucomonitor. Doctors also don’t rely on finger testing results of blood sugar. They are more keen to run Haemoglobin A1C test which gives the idea of patient’s blood sugar over the span of 6 to 8 weeks. To make any prescription changes.

So, if you are a type 2 diabetic? Read this very attentively, and try to follow.

Next time you do finger blood test, then write the test results on the paper. And go for walk or any like-able physical activity for about half an hour. Then rest for half hour, and check your blood sugar result again. If for instance your blood sugar was 265 after Half hour of exercise, and rest session, it will be definitely below 200 mark!



Now put it to use!

And tell me the results!

Now, you can say to youself: ” Wow, I’m doing the right use of my finger test of blood sugar level as I’m better managing my blood sugar levels!!!” smile emoticon

Stay Healthy,


ShinglesShingles also known as herpes zester begins with itchiness, numbness on head or other body parts along the nerve line that can give rise to blisters, and painful rashes.

That if not treated properly, and early then can progress into postherpetic neuralgia. A throbbing pain that can linger for years. Other complications of shingles include skin infection, muscles weakness, facial paralysis, and vision loss.

The conventional treatment will only include anti-viral, anti-depressant, and anti-seizure medications. That can have serious side effects, and are not viable, long lasting solutions.

That’s why I, Kiran based on my experience, and research will recommend you these following NATURAL SOLUTIONS THAT GUARANTEES EFFECTIVE CURE, AND NO SIDE EFFECTS.

They are as following:

1) High doses of VITAMIN B12 upto 2000 mcg
2) Vitamin C treatment IV-intravenous treatment as sufferers are generally low on it.
3) Use of animo acid L-lysine upto 3,000 mcg
4) Capsaicin Cream for itching relief
5) Application of turmeric paste on the effective area for temporarily pain relief.

These natural solutions, will inhibit herpes zester virus, replication.

After reading my blog, do share in the comment box below whether you had shingles? And whether you tried any of my above given natural alternatives, or any others natural cures that helped?

Stay healthy,


The Egg Diet

The Egg Diet
The Egg Diet

The Egg Diet plan is an effective, low calories diet plan. Which is guaranteed to give you quick weight loss but not for a longer period of time. It is also a FACT, that your body need good nutrition to function well, and remain healthy. While, restricted or extreme diets can cause your body to go weak, and they might also damage it, and might consequently, lead to serious health problems.


But still, if you are healthy otherwise, and want to reduce quick weight, and real fast to look good on certain occasion one week ahead etc. then I recommend you to try this.

The Egg Diet

Eggs are great source of protein, and important nutrients. So, eating more eggs, and eliminating other unhealthy foods for A WEEK (I repeat JUST A WEEK) will gear-up your metabolism, and will cause rapid weight-loss.

As this diet is restricted, and mainly comprises of eggs. Eggs will give you satiety, and satisfaction, and by the end of ONE WEEK, you will be 12 POUNDS DOWN. (Temporarily) If you will eat junk or processed foods again. You will again pile up weight. So, just a temporary solution.

Anyways, the diet plan is as follows:


First day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled), low fat milk 1 cup, and 2 oranges

Lunch: 6 ounces of chicken (boiled/skinless), yogurt 1 cup

Dinner: 1 egg (boiled), 5 ounces of chicken (boiled/skinless) and 1 orange


Second Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled) with one lemon juice in water (diluted)

Lunch: fish 5 ounce (roasted), 1 grapefruit

Dinner: 3 eggs (boiled)


Third Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled) with one lemon juice in water (diluted)

Lunch: beef 6 ounces (boiled), 1 grapefruit

Dinner-3 eggs (boiled)


Fourth Day:

Breakfast: 3 eggs (scrambled) with dill, parsley, and onions

Lunch: 5 ounces of chicken (cooked) with salad

Dinner: 1 egg (boiled), 2 oranges


Fifth Day:

Breakfast: 2eggs (boiled), 2 carrots, sour cream 1 TBsp.

Lunch: 2 carrots, orange juice 1 cup (fresh)

Dinner: oily fish (boiled) 3 ounces, 1 egg (boiled)


Sixth Day:

Breakfast: yogurt 5 ounce (low-fat), 1 orange

Lunch: 2 eggs (boiled), 2 grapefruits

Dinner: water


Seventh Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled), half grapefruit

Lunch: beef 6 ounces, 1 orange

Dinner: water


The Egg Diet is real easy to follow,  and low budget diet. Follow for just ONE WEEK. Drink plenty of water throughout the week. When weeks ends I recommend you to eat clean, nourishing diet again but also include eggs, cheese, grapefruit, and orange for first couples of day to prevent a shock to your body.

Eggs: Should be organic, Free-range, and Omega 3 rich


Stay healthy,




This Vitamin can Halt Cancer Cells Growth!

Don't use Soap on Sun Exposed Parts!
Don’t use Soap on Sun Exposed Parts!

Different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals have been studied scientifically to find out their effect on cancer cells. Did you know? Our body contains cancer cells but our gene expression (the environmental factors), and our eating habits can make them proliferate out of sorts. But, luckily, certain nutrients can  help halt proliferation of cancer cells.

Cancer being the leading cause of death, Worldwide. It is important to eat a diet that is preventive along with exercise, healthy relationships, and excellent work-life balance.  Today, my advice is very important for people who want to live a cancer-free life in general. It is more necessary for people who have darker skin. (like Pakistani, Latin, African American, Indian etc.), and for people where there is little sunlight throughout or is present for limited portion of year.
By now, most of you must have guessed the nutrient, it’s vitamin D. The SUNLIGHT VITAMIN!
Most of us are deficient in it according to the statistics gathered worldwide. I mentioned different races because they all have darker skin pigmentation  in common, and usually people with darker skin need more sunlight to make their healthy range of vitamin D.
Since, most of us stay indoors for longer time. It is very obvious that we might be seriously deficient in it.
Or if you take 15 minutes of sunlight? It’s still not enough as it makes only a tiny part of 12 hours of sunlight throughout the day. It makes it perfectly vital, to eat diet that is rich in vitamin D.
Along with making sure to avoid the sun exposed parts of your body alone, don’t use commercial soap or body wash on them, as it can wash down the vitamin D, (because it  takes 48 hours for your cells to absorb vitamin D from your skin), and also avoid sun blocks, you can use coconut oil instead. It is natural sunblock, and doesn’t  halt vitamin D synthesis.
Research proves that vitamin D is the best prevention against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. And it’s deficiency is linked with high BP, depression,  breast cancer, colon, prostrate,and ovarian cancer, and other diseases.
Adequate amount of vitamin D keeps the balance of the body, and ensure inhibition of cancer growth.
Also vitamin D reduce diabetes type 1 by 80%. It also reduce inflammation, keeps you happy, improves bone health, eases muscles aches, and Fibromyalgia.
So, here are my dietary recommendations to get the desired number of vitamin D along with lots of sunlight exposure, obviously provided by the suitable geography.
  • Eggs,
  • Oily Fishes,
  • Cod Liver Oil,
  • Mushrooms,
All are great source of vitamin D.
Plus, Vitamin D3 supplementation, intake will keep your body healthy, and will prevent the cancer in your body to grow or spread or become malignant.
Stay Cancer-Free!


Ways to Lower the Glycemic Effect of the Foods

Enjoy Red Velvet Cake with my Tips Occasionally!

Blood sugar is an important component of your blood chemistry profile. If the level of the blood sugar or glucose are at the right scale. You will feel happy, energetic, stress-free, and will have robust immune system. But if the balance made by different glands, and their hormones are upset, then you might experience abrupt blood glucose crash which entails with stress, depression, and all symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Results of Roller Coaster Sugar Ride

The roller coaster ride of blood sugar can be maintained by eating diet that is low in glycemic index (GI). Glycemic Index is a system that measure how quickly the food you take in, is absorbed, and converted into sugar in your body. Higher GI foods convert, and get absorbed faster than lower GI foods.

So, my point of this discussion is to make sure that your blood sugar is at a steady rate. Which can be done by eating following LOW GI FOODS.


  • Nuts,
  • Seeds,
  • Lentils,
  • Celery,
  • Broccoli,
  • Asparagus,
  • Grapefruit,
  • Cherries,
  • Apricots, and
  • Apples, etc.

But it is sometimes harder to follow a strict Low GI diet due to various dining-out or travel reasons or just being bored with the same bland dietary routine.

In that case, I will give the following tips based on my experience, and research, that will help you lower the glycemic index of different foods you consume:

  • I recommend you all to have some lemon juice, tomato juice or ACV-apple cider vinegar with each, and every meal if possible as it will drastically lower the sugar of that food.
  • Go for slow cooked oats instead of instant oatmeal as it high on fiber.
  • If you are eating red velvet cake or apple pie, make sure to eat protein with it in form of cottage cheese or whey protein. Protein will stop fat accumulation, and will slowdown the release of sugar from the cake or pie. Although it can’t negate the caloric effect of the bakery item you had.
  • Cook your rice or pasta more firm. As it will give it a medium glycemic load because overcooking can increase the glycemic load of it.
  • Steam cook or eat raw vegetables. Idea is to keep the fiber intact as fiber controls high blood sugar.
  • Eat less ripe fruits. As over ripen ones will have more natural sugar.
  • Choose sashimi sushi, instead of others with rice. Because they are high in sugar content.
  • Choose salad over sandwich as two slices will be high on sugar-effect. Instead, go for a salad with a scoop of tuna, egg or chicken.
  • If you are in mood of having pizza. Go for thin, whole-wheat crust pizza instead of white flour, thick crust pizzas. Same goes for chappatis choose whole-wheat chakki ka atta, and make thin chappatis.
  • If you want to drink soup? Then make sure to go for lentils or beans soup as they low in glycemic load, and you can also add to it protein or fat in form of low fat cheese.
  • Have berries or other antioxidants rich, one small square of dark chocolate as a dessert.
  • Have apple with almond butter to increase protein, and fat content of your snack.

After learning the ways to lower the GI load of your foods. It’s important to know who can follow this pattern. Well, everyone must try to follow it as we all have blood sugar that we want to keep in balance to remain healthy, and happy!

Stay healthy, and happy!



P.S You can contact me on chat or email me at for your personalized diet plan.

Vitamin D: The quintessential vitamin to maintain your health

Vitamin DLet’s start with the question, why do kids need vitamin D (the sunlight vitamin)?

Well, they need vitamin D for growth and development of their bones. Even babies need it while in their mother’s womb. It’s that important. Plus it also helps in calcium absorption. Serious vitamin D deficiency can cause rickets, hypoglycemia, delayed motor development, pain, ache, muscle weakness, and fracture.

Did you know 80 percent of vitamin D is formed by our skin, when it comes in contact with sunlight? But due to changing times, kids are either not exposed that much to outdoor activities or are wearing too much clothes or get dark complexion etc. Basically they are not absorbing much sunlight. (Hence most of them are deficient).

But this latest research about vitamin D will most likely blow your mind.

According to a research carried out in Toronto on pre-schoolers (one to five years of ages), published in PLOS ONE, there was a significant link between vitamin D levels, and non-HDL cholesterol (Non-HDL cholesterol is a cardiovascular health marker).

Dr. Jonathan Maguire, the study author, a pediatrician at St. Michael’s concluded that higher the vitamin D level in the kids, the lower will be Non HDL cholesterol, thus less chances of getting cardiovascular disease in the adulthood of that child.

Based on these findings I recommend you to follow my below given guidelines to raise the vitamin D level in your toddlers. Since heart disease can easily be averted, and you as a parent might doubly be in need to introduce these dietary changes if heart disease runs in your family.

But first, read this:

Adult Research Backs The Findings:

Plus, according to the studies published in “the American Academy of Pediatric” in adults, vitamin D is associated with prevention of autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and on the whole, it boosts-up your immune system.

So, limited children studies, and extensive adult studies support the preventive role of vitamin D. You may wonder why wait?! Good!

But first, I advise you to get the vitamin D levels checked of your child. Being a functional medicine expert, holistic nutrition therapist, and integrative nutrition health coach. I know, it’s very important to know the numbers!

If they are below the normal limits then try these dietary changes. Otherwise, it can lead to constipation, fatigue, irritability, muscle weakness, dehydration, kidney stones, and hypercalcaemia. The children under 5 should have vitamin D between 1,500 to 3,000 IU (I have doubled these due to various health benefits but you need to confirm your child dosage according to his/her age to avoid vitamin D in toxicity that you will know after screening of the vitamin D results).

Now, let’s discuss about ways to increase vitamin D levels in your kid’s diet. That’s very easy then you think. All you need to do is to try to give them more eggs, oily fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, and sardines, mushroom, and fortified cow milk products with vitamin D added.

You might say that it is not that easy to give them such foods as it is not their favorite choices. Then don’t fret. I will also guide you to introduce vitamin D fortified foods for your picky eaters.

So, here goes:

  • Give them fortified milk with cereals or weetabix in breakfast.
  • Use fortified milk as your soup or broth- base instead of water. Make them creamy, and rich.
  • Give them fortified flavored yogurt cooled in popsicles moulds instead of ice-cream or ice-lolly.
  • Give them smoothies made out of fortified milk or yogurts, and fruits.
  • Make their deserts from fortified milk like pudding or custards.
  • Give them fun-shaped sandwiches filled with cheese and eggs plus salad.
  • Even some cereals and cereal bars are fortified. Read the labels wisely. So, look out!
  • Give them fortified orange juice. Do label reading to find the suitable brand.

These are simple and fun ways to present nutrient rich diet to your toddlers. However, supplementation of cod liver oil is another way to ensure that your kid is getting his daily quota of vitamin D.

Vitamin D
Sources of Vitamin D

So, in my above mentioned blog, I have explained to you the functions of vitamin D, its health benefits, repercussions of its deficiency, and over-dosage. But the most important point I have conveyed to you is that how you as a parent could stop cardiovascular disease formation in your child. Yes, this childhood low vitamin D level is an accurate indicator of possibility of development of heart disease in your child. So, be wise, and follow my recommendations to curtail any future health problem. But first, get the child tested for vitamin D. If it is low, then you now know what to do next!

Stay healthy!



Happiness ProjectWe as humans are always working hard to feel happy about us, and our lives. But happiness is a very vivacious term being content is more definite. The feeling of contentment and self-satisfaction is real happiness. Feeling of contentment should be our goal rather than plain happiness.

Okay, so you might wonder how we can be content in order to be happy. Well, there are numbers of ways that ensure it.  So, one such way is to:

Nurture Spirituality:

Make a spiritual growth. Have strong conviction about it. It will keep you grounded, and at peace.  Forgive yourself, and love yourself, truly. Did you know depression, and other mood disorders are linked with having low-spiritual connection. So, harness one. Have belief in a One Supreme Authority, and His powers, and look things changing. It will make you more content, and will give you positive outlook about life. Acceptance of Divine Intervention is always satisfactory, when chips are low, and it keeps you away from sadness, and consequent mental problems. So, get equipped!

Make a Self-Good Deed Account:

Do something good, and self-less every day for others. It will make you feel happy about yourself. Like giving food or clothes to needy. Helping poor, feeding street animals, and giving water, and grains to birds, will make one feel happy about themselves. Also, looking at people less privileged from oneself will definitely make one grateful, and glad. Feeling of giving is always very nice, and it nurtures contentment, which is real happiness. So, smile more often, it’s a charity too!

Follow a Happy Diet:

Eat more whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, dark chocolates, nuts, seeds, eggs, salmon, and dried fruits. Such foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamin B12, and omega 3, which will keep you feeling good, and merry. Avoid processed and boxed foods they are only rich in sugar, and refined carbs, which gives one a spike of happiness, and a sudden crash associated with sad feeling, just after a few minutes. Instead have foods that have steady glycemic index, as steady insulin levels are important to control stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol should be normal in order for your body, and consequently for you to function happily, and in a friendly way with the environment. Go, bring on the cashew nuts, baby! I’m gloomy!

Getting Sunlight:

Did you know low levels of vitamin D have associated with depression? So, wear your comfortable shoes, and go out for a walk. Even the greenery, and nature along with physical activity has a positive impact on your brain, gets stimulated, and releases endorphin, to give you that very happy feeling, you are so after. Walk baby outside, make it a norm. If you want to smile more.

Aim High:

Make big goal of something that makes you really happy, and content, and work for its achievement. It will keep you busy, and more focused about daily life. Like learning a new language, switching a career or anything that involves newness and excitement is very positive. So, jot down, your goals on paper, now! And make it happen!

Focus on Your Looks:

Wear trendy and modest clothes. Apply your favorite make-up, and fragrance. Good aroma is the best mood enhancer.  Also, take care of your personal-hygiene. Furthermore, color yellow holds a very interesting position. Did you know, it’s the best savior from sadness? Next time you feel unhappy, just wear a good vibrant yellow dress, and see the difference yourself.

In the end, confidence is everything. Be confident about your merits. Having higher self-confidence is happiness. Remember having a whiter complexion doesn’t mean anything. Same goes with bikini figure, or a mansion at expensive locality. Never associate happiness with things. Just be grateful, and look inwardly to see your positives. Everyone is blessed in one way or the other. Finding peace with oneself is the best mirth of all. So, stop being sad, and transform your life into being more glad! All the best!

Happiness Project
Be thankful always,and you will definitely be happy! :)

Stay Healthy!