ShinglesShingles also known as herpes zester begins with itchiness, numbness on head or other body parts along the nerve line that can give rise to blisters, and painful rashes.

That if not treated properly, and early then can progress into postherpetic neuralgia. A throbbing pain that can linger for years. Other complications of shingles include skin infection, muscles weakness, facial paralysis, and vision loss.

The conventional treatment will only include anti-viral, anti-depressant, and anti-seizure medications. That can have serious side effects, and are not viable, long lasting solutions.

That’s why I, Kiran based on my experience, and research will recommend you these following NATURAL SOLUTIONS THAT GUARANTEES EFFECTIVE CURE, AND NO SIDE EFFECTS.

They are as following:

1) High doses of VITAMIN B12 upto 2000 mcg
2) Vitamin C treatment IV-intravenous treatment as sufferers are generally low on it.
3) Use of animo acid L-lysine upto 3,000 mcg
4) Capsaicin Cream for itching relief
5) Application of turmeric paste on the effective area for temporarily pain relief.

These natural solutions, will inhibit herpes zester virus, replication.

After reading my blog, do share in the comment box below whether you had shingles? And whether you tried any of my above given natural alternatives, or any others natural cures that helped?

Stay healthy,


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