How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

How to Prevent Kidney Stones?Kiran’s Recommendations based on her research, and experience; for calcium oxalate stones as they are more common kidney stones. (first check the type of your kidney stones then apply. As there are uric acid, cysteine, and struvite stones also. Better to know the type.)

1) Take more magnesium. According to Harvard research, Magnesium 180mg along side Vitamin B6 of 10mg reduces kidney stones ocurrence to upto 92.3% per year. (Wow! that’s a whopping percentage)

2) Drink Lemon water as the citric acid in lemon will prevent calcium stones formation. According University of California; consumption of only 4 ounces of lemon juice diluted in water can drastically prevent kidney stones.

3) Go easy on oxalate rich foods like:

Leafy greens;
Berries, and

4) No risk from Calcium, and Vitamin C. Keep on taking them.

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