Best Cookware for You!

Ceramic CookwareChoosing the right cookware has always been a hassle. People use Teflon, and non-stick varieties more, without knowing the health dangers that it poses. As aluminum, and non-stick cookware can leach toxins, and endocrine disrupters into the food. So, switching back to old fashioned pots are the best bet!

I have done a substantial research on the safest options regarding the different types of cook wares. I’m going to list them down, so you can also avail the benefits from my tedious research for maintaining good health.

Below are my favorite ones:

  • Ceramic Cookware


Ceramic cookware are the ultimate best. I researched that they don’t leach anything into the food which I prepare for my loved ones.  They can easily be washed by steel wool, they don’t scratch, the heat is taken evenly; plus the flavors remain intact.  Also they are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. The food cooked in these cookware are tastier than stainless or cast iron cookware. Just one, drawback of ceramics cookware is that they can easily break.


  • Cast Iron Cookware


Cast iron cookware is difficult to clean as one can’t use abrasive soaps. Other than that the best benefit, I feel cooking in cast iron pan is that they are highly beneficial for people who are anemic as the extra iron that is transferred to the food from these, makes it more healthier, and helps in blood cell multiplication. So, if you are anemic or not. Cast iron cookware is the best bet for you. The food is tasty, and can be evenly cooked in these cookware. It can be used in stove-top, and oven. I prefer frying, meat cooking, and even oven-cooking in it. Just a personal reminder, don’t cook tomatoes based recipe in this type of cookware. They don’t up well.


  • Regular Stoneware


I like stoneware more for baking as it is safer than the aluminum based roasting pans or baking sheets. Stoneware is available in form of bread pans, muffin tins, and many other types. I like the flavor of the food that this cookware gives. But I feel it’s very hectic to clean stoneware as if we use soap stoneware will absorb that flavor that can be transferred to our food. So, it’s tricky to clean it but if we learn to clean it properly then such cookware can last for lifetime. I like to reheat my food in it, also I like using it for grilling veggies, and baking cookies in these. Plus, I also get added benefit of a workout lifting these up, and forth.

Finally, if you ask me which one is my favorite? I will go for ceramic ones as they can be cleaned easily, and are highly durable. Plus, the food cooked in these are yummy!

Stay Healthy!


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