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SciaticaIf someone is suffering from sciatica, chances are that they have tried or considered sciatica massage, sciatica exercises like sciatica running, even taught about gathering funds to meet sciatica surgery cost in order to get away from sciatica flare-ups. But, have they heard about an effective treatment program that guarantees to clear-up pain within 7 days of use? Well, that product is Sciatica SOS™.

What makes this program, click? Given below is an overview compiled after serious research-work.

Sciatica SOS™ Review:

This program is made by Glen Johnson, who cured himself using it. His sciatica was so bad that he couldn’t do basic tasks as he used to do, before he had sciatica flare-ups. He couldn’t pick heavy weights, play with his son, help his wife out to carry grocery shopping; things were so bad that he totally relied on his wife, and son for all the tasks.

After two years of suffering, and trying sciatica massage to sciatica exercises like sciatica running to even thinking of arranging money to meet sciatica surgery cost. He found himself short of a cure, and he thought of thinking of some better cure to help him deal with sciatica flare-ups.

Luckily, a family friend Xie, introduced to him an Ancient Nepalese treatment, which cured his sciatica pain within five days. Glen had complete elimination of sciatica pain.

Furthermore, in Sciatica SOS™, Glen discusses the exact treatment protocol, and it’s method of following that is guaranteed to give you positive results, step by step.

So, the question arises:

What Does Sciatica SOS™ contains?

The course discusses the causes of sciatica, and as well as the reasons behind your pain.

As everyone is bio-individual. The courses content helps you to find your subjective cause of developing sciatica. As, same generic treatment can’t be helpful in relieving particular sciatica cause of everyone. So, details are needed.

As you move on with the course, Glen, explains the various treatments types, and tells you exactly which one is suitable for you considering your underlying cause of developing sciatica as evaluated in the beginning of this course.

Sciatica SOS™ Course includes:

  • Twenty sixth page of the course is about the home remedies; of which 7 are most potent in eliminating sciatica effectively.
  • Twenty ninth page is about the exercise program that helps to resolve underlying cause of sciatica pain
  • Sixty second page is about sleep therapy, it is an overlook, why sleep is important in sciatica pain treatment.
  • Sixty fourth page is about dietary advice. How can, certain alteration in diet can help you relief pain?

Mostly these four treatment methods are enough to resolve sciatica problem but for serious cases there are also advanced section of “Trigger Point Therapy” and how to “Reorganize Your Skeletal System.”

Is This Program Effective?

Being skeptical, and thinking about its effectiveness is but natural. Due its phenomenal success rate it does seem too good to be true!

It is effective because it helps to release tension that builds up in muscles, tendons, nerves, and joints after Sciatica flare-ups. This program also helps to heal, and re-balance the effective area.

In a nutshell Sciatica SOS™ is incredibly effective. Get yourself cured within 7 days! The program is easy and simple. And is one hundred percent natural, and safe! Without medication, or drugs!

Let’s check a review from Gerry from London:

Gerry said he was battling with sciatica for over 10 years after minor car accident, and he tried injections, pills, and special mattresses all failed except Sciatica SOS™. He is absolutely pain-free now.

Let’s check a comment of a buyer Jane Eddington, from Minnesota:

She thanked Glen, and added that after her three months of poor sleep on account of sciatica pain, she was frantically searching online for a pain killer as NSAIDs were useless. She added that after going through Glen site he thought of giving it a try as there was money back guarantees, so she had nothing to lose. She added that just after one day of use her pain disappeared and she was able to enjoy good night’s sleep. She even called Glen a life saver!

According to another feedback from Michael Pierce from Ireland:

He thanked Glen, and added that his pain was relieved just after five days of use. He was able to be mobile, and pain-free. He even one step ahead, and added that everyone with sciatica pain must have Sciatica SOS™.

Is Sciatica SOS™ worth a Buy?


Sciatica pain is considered very leisurely by the medical experts that makes it more frustrating for the patients as they can hardly move, sleep, or carry loads.

Glen, being an ex-sufferer himself, understands their turmoil, and has designed Sciatica SOS™ to provide instant cure without hazardous medical treatments, and therapies which are expensive, and time-taking.

As, this program doesn’t provide bandage but eliminates the problem from the root-level for good.


My opinion?


Go for this program as you have nothing to lose. It’s cheap, natural, and effective, and you will be compensated if it doesn’t works for you if you return it within 60 days of purchase.


Stay healthy,



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