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Nine Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally!

Nine Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally!
Nine Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally!

With the increasing age our metabolism doesn’t work that effectively plus there are other factors that contribute to weight gain, and sluggish metabolic rate which are your body composition, gender, hormones, and finally, your genes.
So, what you can do to raise your metabolism?
Interesting question. It’s very easy.
You need to do these.
1) Drink Green Tea:
Drinking green tea before meals works wonders for your metabolism. Green tea is rich in polyphenols like ECGC which activates calories burn. Plus, it is also mild thermogenic agent which used instead of other strong stimulant is highly beneficial. As green tea doesn’t raise heart beat, and blood pressure, and doesn’t cause nervousness that other metabolism booster supplements can do.
2) Eat Small but Frequent Meals:
This approach of eating helps you to have steady metabolism going plus a contant calories burn is possible.
3) Eat Protein:
Eat small amount of protein with all your meals. It is an excellent metabolism booster.
4) Have More Spices:
Having spicy foods rich in capsaicin like red chilies, or black chilies, or ginger give a warming effect to your body, and as a result you end up burning more calories.
5) Eat Complex Carbs:
Avoid refined, and high glycemic carbs they just make you fat. Instead focus on complex carbs like whole grains with low glycemic index. If you will do that their will be less fat storage in your body as there wont be much sugar spikes or crashes that promotes fat storage, and obesity.
6) Stay Hydrated:
Drinking atleast 8 oz of water is excellent. Reason being that water is an excellent appetite suppressant . I suggest you drink a tall glass of water before every meal. It makes you eat less.
7) Do Exercise:
Did you know that you don’t only loose while you are exercising but the metabolism keeps on running faster even after you have settled on your couch? The body thermostat keeps on running much more longer than the exercise period meaning you keep on burning more calories. So, because of this I suggest you to do a minimum of 30 minutes moderate paced exercise daily.
8) Intermittent Fasting:
Eating your last meal at 8 pm, and take your breakfast the following day after a fast of 12 hours. It will promote weight loss, and is great for your overall health.
9) Do Thyroid Test:
If you are following a healthy diet, and are busy doing exercise in your daily routine. With help of my above mentioned metabolism boosters. And still you can’t loose a single pound then I highly recommend you to get your thyroid function test done.
Disclaimer: My blog is for informational purpose. People with special problems or on medications might take advise from your physician.


Stay Healthy!

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist.
Certified Functional Medicine Expert
Published Health Writer

Natural Treatment for Eczema

Natural Treatment for Eczema

Today, I’m writing my blog on natural treatment for eczema. Which also known as Atopic dermatitis. It is skin problem which is flared up due to inflammation. It is more common is children although millions of adults get affected by it around the world. It is caused by overactive immune response, so we need to take care of the allergens, that trigger it.
A) The Natural Treatment for Eczema includes:
Topically, apply the following:
1) Aloe vera gel
2) Vitamin B 12 Cream
3) Emu oil
B) Dietary Recommendations include:
4) Follow anti-inflammatory diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids like nuts, seeds, fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines, and fresh produce like veggies, and fruits; and legumes, and whole grains.
5) Avoid dairy, and red meat, and poultry completely.
6) In some cases raw food has helped eczema patients too.
Supplements for Eczema:
1) Evening Primrose Oil
2) Borage Oil
3) Flaxseed Oil
4) Vitamin D 3
I recommend you all these as the most potent natural treatment for eczema.

Disclaimer: All my recommendations are for informational purposes. So, no self-treatment is allowed. :)

Stay Healthy,

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist.
Certified Functional Medicine Expert
Published Health Writer


Acrylamide, and Cancer!

Acrylamide, and CancerDANGEROUS !


Do you know a common mistake while preparing your favorite foods might lead you to cancer. Yes! You heard me RIGHT!

According to a latest study carried by Food Standards Agency-FSA; it was found out that cooking potatoes, breads, and other starchy varieties of food at high temperatures could cause them to produce a chemical that is CANCERIC, AND DANGEROUS! Yes, this carcinogen is called “Acrylamide,” and it is produced at a 248 Fahrenheit temperature or above. So, the FSA advises us to cook potatoes, chips, and toasts until they are light brown in color. As the darker or crunchier chips, potatoes, and toasts will definitely have greater amount of acrylamide present in them.

So, if this hasn’t raised your ears!!!!! Then read forward!

After the CONCLUSIVE RESEARCH (let’s discuss)

What exactly is acrylamide? And what are it’s SOURCES, and USES?

Acrylamide is an artificial chemical that is produced widely in the manufacture of fabrics, and adhesive glues, and as a water treatment agent. It’s also presents naturally in form of protein, and sugar in some foods, and is also a consequent of high temperature cooking. (as we have read above)

Moreover, shockingly, they are also present in your favorite dry fruits. As termed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Tests proved acrylamide was more generously present in dried prunes, and pears. (So, watch out especially against them.)

Now that we know about the latest research, and uses, and sources of acrylamide. Let’s read about the how dietary acrylamide leads to the Alzheimer’s Disease?????

Well, scientists are well aware about the havoc it causes to human’s central nervous system, leading to muscle weakness, and in coordination between various muscles. Acrylamide can also cause nerve cell damage in the brain!!!!

According to a neurotoxicologist, Richard LoPachin; acrylamide is similar in structure to acrolein, a chemical which is in increased amount, present in the Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative disease patients. (So, watch out!!!!)

Apart from neurodegenerative disease, impaired nervous system, and other cancers. Acrylamide is also associated with breast cancer in women!


WELL….Based on my research, and understanding. I will guide you to follow these steps to minimize your intake of acrylamide. So, here goes:

1. Special Pre-Cooking/Baking/Toasting Methods for CARBS!

If you are preparing potatoes presoak them for 30 minutes. It will reduce acrylamide for about 40%. Never store your potatoes in fridge. Keep them in cool dry place as it increases in acrylamide levels. About the bread? If you bake your own bread then use rosemary in your dough preparation, it stashes out acrylamide to upto 60%. Also if you are use commercial bread, just cut off it’s corners or crust, where acrylamide is deposited tremendously, and toast your toasts till light brown in color.
2. New Cooking Method for CARBS!

Roast your potatoes to golden yellow rather than crunchy brown. Better cooking method is boiling, or steaming. Because water keep the temperature from going above 248, and thus will have ZERO ACRYLAMIDE PRODUCTION IN YOUR FOOD! I recommend you to cook on low flame for longer length of time to be safe from carcinogen acrylamide!!!!
3. Top-Up Your Diet with Anti-Cancer Foods

Research doesn’t have any food known to break the health hazards of acrylamide in your body. However, topping up with anti-cancer foods can help tremendously. I recommend you to eat more cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. These foods not only detoxifies the cancer producing chemicals, but also curtail the growth of existing cancer cells. So, top-up more frequently.
Stay healthy, and disease-free