Natural Treatment for Eczema

Natural Treatment for Eczema

Today, I’m writing my blog on natural treatment for eczema. Which also known as Atopic dermatitis. It is skin problem which is flared up due to inflammation. It is more common is children although millions of adults get affected by it around the world. It is caused by overactive immune response, so we need to take care of the allergens, that trigger it.
A) The Natural Treatment for Eczema includes:
Topically, apply the following:
1) Aloe vera gel
2) Vitamin B 12 Cream
3) Emu oil
B) Dietary Recommendations include:
4) Follow anti-inflammatory diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids like nuts, seeds, fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, sardines, and fresh produce like veggies, and fruits; and legumes, and whole grains.
5) Avoid dairy, and red meat, and poultry completely.
6) In some cases raw food has helped eczema patients too.
Supplements for Eczema:
1) Evening Primrose Oil
2) Borage Oil
3) Flaxseed Oil
4) Vitamin D 3
I recommend you all these as the most potent natural treatment for eczema.

Disclaimer: All my recommendations are for informational purposes. So, no self-treatment is allowed. :)

Stay Healthy,

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist.
Certified Functional Medicine Expert
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