Breast Cancer can be reduced by 22%. (Know how?)

Breast Cancer can be reduced by 22%. (Know how?)Question: Is Sour Fruit Effective Treatment, Prevention against Breast Cancer?

According to study by the University of Arizona Cancer Center Sour Fruit is very promising.

Before I explain the study, I want you to get familiar with the fruit. It’s lemon. Basically, the peel of lemon.

Lemon peel contains terpenes. Which is widely used in cleansing products but this natural terpine is called d-limonene.

Scientific studies proves d-limonene as immensely valuable against many cancers.

According to one research, 43 women who were recently diagonesd with breast cancer were about to undergo lumpectomy, were given 2 grams of limonene daily for  six weeks before their operation.

Study showed that d-limonene supplementation showed 22% reduction in expression of tumor markers.

Cyclin D1 was measured as breast tumor marker.

Cyclin D1 is commonly augmented genes in breast cancer, and is frequently overexpressed protein. Estrogen-responsive gene leads to cyclin D1 formation. In patients of invasive breast cancer, there is more than half, overexpression of cyclin D1.

Evidence proves that cyclin D1 interfere with tamoxifen, anti-cancer effect in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers—resulting in tamoxifen therapy, failure.

Many dietary supplements contain d-limonene. But huge amount of limonene is present in lemons especially the peel, and spongy inner parts. The inside, and peel of lemon contains high amount of limonene. About 300 mg of d-limonene in number.

You can use juicer or better Vitamex for consuming lemons and peel better.

As lemon juice is sour, I recommend you to mix it up with any fruit or vegetable or even greens juices. You can add 1 whole or ½ lemon with peel into your drinks.

Also use organic lemons for this purpose.

Other dietary sources of terpenes include cherries, berries, citrus fruits, and volatile herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil, and peppermint.


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