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Growing Old Tib E Nabwi SAWW Way!

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW sa‏id:

Every illness has a cure, and when the proper cure is applied to the disease, it heals by Allah’s Will.

So, take good nutrition that’s medication by Tib E Nabvi

Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW said: ‘The stomach is a house of every illness, and diet is the chief of every medication, therefore give yourself what you are accustomed to’.

So, follow Man-O-Salwa diet based on 
Quran, hadith and modern nutrition. On the link below for healthy life and better disease care:

And keep on taking your conventional medications for disease management.

As Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW said to the Bedouins who came to him and said:

‘O Messenger of Allah, should we seek medicine? He said, ‘Yes, O slaves of Allah, seek medicine, for Allah has not Created a disease except that He Has Created its cure, except for one illness.’ They said. ‘And what is that?’ He said, Old age”.

So, I believe in for you to take medicine too. As it’s needed in present age disease management and cure.

Coming to my recommendations for the elderlies. 

So here goes:

For the elderlies. Mostly they complain of poor energy. According to the modern alternative approach, they should take the following supplements. Note. Consult your physician before starting the following supplements.


It increases mental capacity of aged people. It used as the tonic for bad memory, poor concentration, and fatigue. Research carried HerbalGram done in 2002 said its excellent for physical performance too along with improvement in mental skills.


It a Siberian plant present in capsule form it fights fatigue, give stamina and addresses lethargy. Find supplements brand with .08 per cent of eleutherosides.

Also, holistically speaking you require exercise. So for elderlies, I recommend this.

Strength Training

 It’s excellent. Over the age of 40 as there is the decline in muscles strength. So weight lifting training is useful. The easiest way to lift weight is to buy ankle weights and do the walk. Research shows that doing strength training even for two days per week helped curtail shrinkage of the brain.

Keep in touch with your physician.

Finally, our Beloved Prophet SAWW has made it clear that there is no cure for old age. So, I can only give you remedies that are for the better management not cure for the elderlies.

As every soul has to taste death. So, try to do good deeds as you age for Jannah. Like namaz, sadqah (charity), fasting, duas, and Quran Recitation.

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Health expert blogger and diet FormulatorGrowing Old Tib E Nabwi SAWW Way!