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The Real Causes of Heart Disease, and Stroke

Main Causes of Cardiovascular DiseasesSince heart disease are fatal. It’s not anything drastic for the people to find medicines that help prevent heart disease, and stroke.

But the irony is this that we concentrate on high cholesterol levels as the basic cause of stroke, and heart attacks. However, clinical research holds elevated levels of cortisol, insulin, C-reactive protein, and triglycerides responsible for cardiovascular diseases, but not high values of cholesterol.

But, first let’s talk about cholesterol…….

So, what is cholesterol????

Sadly, the medical research confirms that reducing your cholesterol levels will not bring down your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.

I will present to you interesting statistics put forward by William Castelli, MD, ex-director of the Framingham Heart Study. He observed that people with less than 200 cholesterol, that is considered low get about 40 percent of heart attacks from the total number of heart patients. Plus, he added that people with low cholesterol value less than 180 suffer three times more strokes than the general people.

So, yes!

That’s very interesting, and enlightening.

Now that we know cholesterol is NOT the MAIN CULPRIT!!! Let’s proceed with REAL REASONS that lead to heart disease, and stroke!!!!!!!

The Main Cardiovascular Disease Markers are:

If you have abnormality in the following clinical markers than chances are that will get heart attack or stroke.

  • Cardiac arrhythmia. This means atrial fibrillation, and other abnormalities of normal heart rhythm.
  • Increased triglycerides, more importantly the elevated ratio between HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Research has backed triglycerides in the worsening of coronary atherosclerosis i.e. hardening of the arteries.
  • Elevation of homocyesteine levels. Research has it that men with really elevated homocysteine levels are three times more prone to get heart attack in comparison with others.
  • Increased insulin levels.
  • Increased cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels are linked with hypertension, that consequently increases your risk for getting heart disease. Normally, heart patients show more elevated levels of cortisol than others.
  • Increased levels of estrogen in comparison with progesterone.
  • Decreased testosterone in males. Elevated testosterones have been linked as five-fold protection of men from coronary artery disease.
  • Increased testosterone in females.
  • Increased value of C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is an indicator linked with inflammatory cytokines production, which shows the risk to heart health. Males with the highest quartile vales are three times likely to get heart attack, and doubled-numbers of ischemic strokes incomparison with general public.
  • Elevated lipid peroxide levels. Lipid peroxide is the result product of chemical damage done by oxygen free radicals to the cell membrane’s lipid components. Increased value of lipid peroxides is linked with aging, stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

Other risk indicators are magnesium deficiency, fatty acid imbalances, and thyroid insufficiency.

After knowing the real threats for heart attack, and stroke. You might wonder is it really difficult to maintain these indicators????

The good news is this that you can easily rectify these imbalances in just six weeks. So, I recommend you all to check your markers, and work with functional medicine expert like myself to help you reach your health goals. And, yes. But first, please give the poor cholesterol a break!!! :)

Stay Healthy,