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Blood Pressure Drugs: More Harm Than Good!

blood pressureDid you know…the over- the-counter blood pressure drugs actually do more harm than good?

Would you take a medicine if you knew the side effects such as loss of libido, insomnia, and even death, if you knew that it would not give any of the promised benefits?

According to the Cochrane Collaboration, patients with slight hypertension at stage 1 level are being overly or wrongly prescribed with medication without any merits.

MD’s have assumed for many decades, the use of blood pressure medicines as best treatment options for hypertension at stage 1. However, according to the recent review by the Cochrane Collaboration, there were no benefits detected in the use of medicines to treat mild hypertension.  It was concluded that those medicines caused more harm than good literally.

Check the info-graphic for the review of the above mentioned study and the health conditions caused by the use of Big Pharma drugs for hypertension!

Let’s talk about “Disease creep” horrors

“Disease creep” is a medical term for treating patients for a disease that they have not yet developed. It refers to the growing trend amongst the medical doctors in prescribing patients with possible risk for a disease or a mild case of hypertension or any other disease, with the same drug as those with the full-blown cases.

After the Cochrane Collaboration’s review and it’s findings; that the side effects of these drugs outweigh its possible benefits for the patients. Still, the big pharmaceutical industry is the same regardless of whether their treatments are approved or effective.

Very rightly put by Craig Stellpflug, a lifestyle coach, cancer nutrition specialist, that big pharma medicines don’t cure but make repeat customers.

My suggestions:

I would advise you to go for eradication of the root-cause rather than treating the symptom of a disease; which is done plainly by popping a prescribed medicine pills. Instead, go for simple dietary adjustments; life style changes; and safe and powerful natural cures. Like you can consider, ditching blood pressure drugs if you are at mild stage or stage 1 of the disease, and go for Mediterranean diet; gluten-free diet; do exercise, giving up on heavy metals; they are definitely less dangerous and more effective ways to reduce your blood pressure.

By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic