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Hair-Care: Explained

Healthy HairBeautiful, healthy looking hair are the best ornament a woman can have. Long, nourished hair are pleasing to look at, and increase the sex appeal of any woman. So, with all these benefits, there are certain areas that require your attention, when it comes to hair-care.
Some basic questions that cross our mind when it comes to hair-care are as following:
How many times should one wash their hair?
It’s better to wash your hair once a week. But certain bio-individuality is applied in this regard. Women with long hair might like to wash their hair every 14 days or daily. That’s very personal. It’s better to alternate between a clarifying shampoo, sulphate-free shampoo and co-washing.
Before discussing the questions regarding the procedure, according which hair should be washed. It is important to deal with hair-health issues.
How can one care about their hair?
It’s better to use natural hair, and styling products that are rich in vitamins, and minerals like olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, and coconut oil to name a few. Hair massaging with olive or mustard or coconut oils makes the scalp, and hair healthy. It’s important to take breaks between before switching styles, and also avoid extra heating of your hair as it might make your hair dry, and can lead to hair breakage, and damage. Also, if you are going to install the weave, and you already have wavy hair skip out the hair-ironing part to straighten them out! Plus, you need to take omega 3 fatty acids, evening primrose capsules, and biotin, and zinc supplements for better nutritional support.
Now, coming back to the washing of hair part.
You may wonder, what’s the new buzz about co-washing?
Well, co-washing is to wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. As chemical based shampoos can easily strip out natural oils, and moisture from your hair.
You might wonder is the co-washing right for me?
Well, co-washing can be used with women with all the hair texture, and type. But, two things need to be considered:
1. Your physical activity
2. Your personal hair care products, types

Women who swim or do gyming need clarifying shampoo to wash away extra chlorine or dirt.
How often should I use clarifying shampoo?
Use it once monthly. The shampoo should be without sulphate.
Why should I use conditioner?
Conditioner is vital for hair-care as it provides moisture, nourishment to your hair, and also softens, and strengthen them more. Best conditioners are the ones containing water, glycerin, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, stearic acid, and coconut oil.

What should I do after hair-wash?
After washing your hair with shampoo. Apply conditioner to your hair. But first detangle your hair with your hands, and make four partitions. Apply a generous amount from tips to top parts of hair as tips of the hair receive more knocking from the styling, and chemicals based hair-products, use. Now wear a hair cap or plastic bag on your hair, and wait for an hour for better results in case you don’t have a hood dryer that we usually, don’t at our homes. Then wash your hair with cold water as it will retain more moisture in your hair.
These are few tips that will ensure healthy hair for sure!

Stay healthy,