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Happiness ProjectWe as humans are always working hard to feel happy about us, and our lives. But happiness is a very vivacious term being content is more definite. The feeling of contentment and self-satisfaction is real happiness. Feeling of contentment should be our goal rather than plain happiness.

Okay, so you might wonder how we can be content in order to be happy. Well, there are numbers of ways that ensure it.  So, one such way is to:

Nurture Spirituality:

Make a spiritual growth. Have strong conviction about it. It will keep you grounded, and at peace.  Forgive yourself, and love yourself, truly. Did you know depression, and other mood disorders are linked with having low-spiritual connection. So, harness one. Have belief in a One Supreme Authority, and His powers, and look things changing. It will make you more content, and will give you positive outlook about life. Acceptance of Divine Intervention is always satisfactory, when chips are low, and it keeps you away from sadness, and consequent mental problems. So, get equipped!

Make a Self-Good Deed Account:

Do something good, and self-less every day for others. It will make you feel happy about yourself. Like giving food or clothes to needy. Helping poor, feeding street animals, and giving water, and grains to birds, will make one feel happy about themselves. Also, looking at people less privileged from oneself will definitely make one grateful, and glad. Feeling of giving is always very nice, and it nurtures contentment, which is real happiness. So, smile more often, it’s a charity too!

Follow a Happy Diet:

Eat more whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, dark chocolates, nuts, seeds, eggs, salmon, and dried fruits. Such foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamin B12, and omega 3, which will keep you feeling good, and merry. Avoid processed and boxed foods they are only rich in sugar, and refined carbs, which gives one a spike of happiness, and a sudden crash associated with sad feeling, just after a few minutes. Instead have foods that have steady glycemic index, as steady insulin levels are important to control stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol should be normal in order for your body, and consequently for you to function happily, and in a friendly way with the environment. Go, bring on the cashew nuts, baby! I’m gloomy!

Getting Sunlight:

Did you know low levels of vitamin D have associated with depression? So, wear your comfortable shoes, and go out for a walk. Even the greenery, and nature along with physical activity has a positive impact on your brain, gets stimulated, and releases endorphin, to give you that very happy feeling, you are so after. Walk baby outside, make it a norm. If you want to smile more.

Aim High:

Make big goal of something that makes you really happy, and content, and work for its achievement. It will keep you busy, and more focused about daily life. Like learning a new language, switching a career or anything that involves newness and excitement is very positive. So, jot down, your goals on paper, now! And make it happen!

Focus on Your Looks:

Wear trendy and modest clothes. Apply your favorite make-up, and fragrance. Good aroma is the best mood enhancer.  Also, take care of your personal-hygiene. Furthermore, color yellow holds a very interesting position. Did you know, it’s the best savior from sadness? Next time you feel unhappy, just wear a good vibrant yellow dress, and see the difference yourself.

In the end, confidence is everything. Be confident about your merits. Having higher self-confidence is happiness. Remember having a whiter complexion doesn’t mean anything. Same goes with bikini figure, or a mansion at expensive locality. Never associate happiness with things. Just be grateful, and look inwardly to see your positives. Everyone is blessed in one way or the other. Finding peace with oneself is the best mirth of all. So, stop being sad, and transform your life into being more glad! All the best!

Happiness Project
Be thankful always,and you will definitely be happy! :)

Stay Healthy!