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The Egg Diet

The Egg Diet
The Egg Diet

The Egg Diet plan is an effective, low calories diet plan. Which is guaranteed to give you quick weight loss but not for a longer period of time. It is also a FACT, that your body need good nutrition to function well, and remain healthy. While, restricted or extreme diets can cause your body to go weak, and they might also damage it, and might consequently, lead to serious health problems.


But still, if you are healthy otherwise, and want to reduce quick weight, and real fast to look good on certain occasion one week ahead etc. then I recommend you to try this.

The Egg Diet

Eggs are great source of protein, and important nutrients. So, eating more eggs, and eliminating other unhealthy foods for A WEEK (I repeat JUST A WEEK) will gear-up your metabolism, and will cause rapid weight-loss.

As this diet is restricted, and mainly comprises of eggs. Eggs will give you satiety, and satisfaction, and by the end of ONE WEEK, you will be 12 POUNDS DOWN. (Temporarily) If you will eat junk or processed foods again. You will again pile up weight. So, just a temporary solution.

Anyways, the diet plan is as follows:


First day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled), low fat milk 1 cup, and 2 oranges

Lunch: 6 ounces of chicken (boiled/skinless), yogurt 1 cup

Dinner: 1 egg (boiled), 5 ounces of chicken (boiled/skinless) and 1 orange


Second Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled) with one lemon juice in water (diluted)

Lunch: fish 5 ounce (roasted), 1 grapefruit

Dinner: 3 eggs (boiled)


Third Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled) with one lemon juice in water (diluted)

Lunch: beef 6 ounces (boiled), 1 grapefruit

Dinner-3 eggs (boiled)


Fourth Day:

Breakfast: 3 eggs (scrambled) with dill, parsley, and onions

Lunch: 5 ounces of chicken (cooked) with salad

Dinner: 1 egg (boiled), 2 oranges


Fifth Day:

Breakfast: 2eggs (boiled), 2 carrots, sour cream 1 TBsp.

Lunch: 2 carrots, orange juice 1 cup (fresh)

Dinner: oily fish (boiled) 3 ounces, 1 egg (boiled)


Sixth Day:

Breakfast: yogurt 5 ounce (low-fat), 1 orange

Lunch: 2 eggs (boiled), 2 grapefruits

Dinner: water


Seventh Day:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (boiled), half grapefruit

Lunch: beef 6 ounces, 1 orange

Dinner: water


The Egg Diet is real easy to follow,  and low budget diet. Follow for just ONE WEEK. Drink plenty of water throughout the week. When weeks ends I recommend you to eat clean, nourishing diet again but also include eggs, cheese, grapefruit, and orange for first couples of day to prevent a shock to your body.

Eggs: Should be organic, Free-range, and Omega 3 rich


Stay healthy,