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SAMAD BOND : GLUE ADDICTION IN PAKISTANThis is shocking. I have seen people young kids, in Pakistan, especially near ABDUL SHAH GHAZI MAUSOLEUM, and elsewhere; who are more of homeless, and poor labor category getting hooked to SAMAD BOND ADDICTION.

What is Samad bond???

SAMAD BOND is a home-made glue; which is used to bind leather, different fabrics, glass or woods together.

These boy spread it on cloth or something, and inhale it. Which leads to Snoozing.

The effect of glue addiction is so much that the user don’t even feel any pain even if he/she cuts or harm themselves. It’s more dangerous than cannabis addiction.

It’s regular use can lead to psychosis, hallucinations, brain, heart, kidneys, and liver damage,

There are laws against this in Pakistan but of NO Effect!

According to Drug Use Survey Report of 2013: Approximately 6.7 million Pakistanis are addicts.

That is very alarming, and sad statistics. :(

What begins as a joyful activity, can have serious health hazards!!!!

So, I want my readers to know the serious side-effects of drugs before starting as fun thingy!

Stay drugs-free, and healthy,