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Why Statins are so BAD!!!!

StatinsAlthough Big Pharma, and many doctors prescribe you with statin drugs. Sadly, the repeated research has shown that statins are just sham, and nothing helpful!!!

You will be alarmed by the latest research published in the American Heart Association, and the American College of Cardiology that confrims that one doesn’t require to be having high cholesterol or even heart disease to start off with statins. Stroke, diabetes, and other factors that lead to heart attack can be enough for moderate to high dependency on statins for life.

So Question Arises:

Are Statins Effective???

Despite the favorable statistics about the efficacy of statins to prevent the heart attack. There is an effective metrics to measure whether the patient requires surgery, medications, or any medical procedure; for him/her  to benefit from, and for better cure is known as “number needed to treat” (NNT).

Let’s me tell you how NNT works for example: NNT for IV magnesium for asthma patients is one out of three. Meaning one patient will show improvement if IV magnesium is given to him/her during asthmatic attack in the emergency room of hospital to the point that he/she won’t need a hospitalization.

The best NNT is one that guarantees that the therapy will suit every patient. However, if the NNT is higher i.e around 40 or above, means that the treatment will be less suitable or beneficial for the patient.

Moving back to statins: The NNT of statins in preventing heart attack, and stroke is 83 that is highly unimpressive. Diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes are safer than drug since they have very low NNT.

Mostly, people who are taking statins are healthy. They have never had a stroke, heart disease or heart attack. So, the likelihood to be helped by statins is very non-existent.


Important Results

According to BMJ-British medical journal, 2013 study; it was found that people with chances of  developing heart disease with a percentage of 20 percent or more; NNT was 140 over 10 years. Which very high, so poor result!!!!

Thus, based on researches, it is to conclude that statins can’t prevent heart attack or save a life of someone who is about to die. So, it’s just BIG PHARMA MAKING MONEY!!!!


Statins causes sexual dysfunction, cancer, liver damage, cataract, memory loss, confusion, mood disorders, muscles breakdown, and blocks absorption of coenzymes Q 10 (needed for energy production).


Statins Might Cause Diabetes

According to the American Medical Association’s journal (JAMA), out of 32,752 patients who were taking daily statins low to high dosage, who were studied, 2,749 developed diabetes-type 2.

So, the number is way higher. Watch out!

Statins Might Lead to Memory Loss

Statins is a bad news for brain. As your brain need cholesterol to function well, and for good memory. Plus, statin appears to adversely affect Co-enzyme Q10, and tau which are needed for healthy brain cells, and structure. Taking statins? Alzheimer’s coming WATCH OUT!!!!!

Statins Might Lead to Heart Failure

According to the American Journal of Cardiology, study, patients with no heart disease but high cholesterol were given Lipitor, 20mg thrice daily for six months.

It resulted in development of diastolic dysfunction in 71% of patient i.e congestive heart failure. Now this subgroup was given CoQ10, 300 mg, daily, along with Lipitor for three months. Results showed 89% of reversal of one marker of diastolic dysfunction, and 44% had all the three markers reversed.

Who Gains From Statin???

The BIG PHARMA is the clear winner! And trusting patients are at loss as they are not unaware that they are digging their own graves by taking statins.

Holistic Approach to Statins are as Following:

I recommend you to consider taking:

  • Fish oil
  • Niacin
  • Flaxseeds
  • Curcumin
  • Berberine
  • Bergamot
  • Cholactiv (botanical blend for lowering cholesterol)

And if you still want to take Statins THEN I ADVICE YOU TO TAKE 200 mg OF CO-ENZYME Q10.


Now tell me: Did your doctor tell you about these health risks of statins???


Stay Healthy!