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If you are having diabetes, then it is better to know what type of diabetes are facing.Certain number of diabetes symptoms can be easily controlled by intake of special dietary recommendations.There are certain food types that not only reduces your blood sugar level, but also reverse the diabetes signs.So, it is advised to add the following food items into your regular diet plan

They are as following:

Add Sprinkles Of Cinnamon To Your Diet

Just a sprinkle of cinnamon powder on your meals can reduce your blood sugar level and keep it under limits.Studies suggests that blood sugar levels can be reduced majorly just by taking 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon daily.You can make cinnamon tea,for that you need to soak cinnamon sticks into boiling water and it’s ready to drink.Otherwise you can also add cinnamon powder to your favorite food items like oatmeal,baked apple,chicken dishes and regular daily foods

Have Non-Fat Yogurt


The insulin resistant power of your body can be minimized to a large extent by having non-fat plain yogurt.It depends on your liking whether you want to eat it in breakfast or further down the day as a light snack.You can add up fresh fruits or low fat granola to your low fat yogurt and enjoy benefits all the vitamins and nutrients it contains.Yogurt contains large amount of proteins and calcium.It aids in weight loss and more importantly it keeps the blood sugar under control

Olive Oil Keeps Your Blood Sugar Level Steady


Olive oil is a wise choice for a diabetic as this heart healthy oil helps in decreasing the insulin resistance.To keep a check on your blood sugar level steady, you must incorporate olive oil into your diet very liberally.Substitute olive oil in place of other fats or butter to cook your foods.

You can also have olive oil as a dipping to go with your favouirite snacks or salads.Be careful as 1 tbsp. Of olive oil contains 119 calories, so overdose should be avoided.

Reduce Insulin Resistance By Eating Nuts


Nuts help your body to control blood sugar level.Nuts are rich in heart healthy fats that are effective in reduction of insulin resistance and also helps immensely in weight loss.Nuts are packed with fiber and magnesium which are powerful nutrients to regulate your blood sugar.But again,like with olive oil, nuts should be taken in moderation as they are high on calorie count.

Chicken Breasts Are Miracle Foods For Diabetes Patients


Chicken breast are good dietary solution to treat diabetes. As they are low on calories and are very lean.It helps to control blood sugar easily and more effectively.

Turkey breast is also very effective in diabetes treatment. However, red meat in the form of steaks and burgers should be completely avoided to control blood sugar and they are also bad cholesterol.Chicken and turkey breast meats are effective for the treatment of diabetes

Eat Fish Two Times A Week


Fish should be a  very important part of a diabetic diet.Often the diabetics have low level of good cholesterol  (HDL) so having fish twice a week is highly advisable.

Fish are vital source of omega-3 fatty acid, that helps in improving the HDL level,that eases up the diabetes related complications.Include salmon,tuna,and mackeral in your diet.

The Power Of Beans


Bean are powerful solution to the problem of diabetes.Due to high content of dietary fiber it helps in controlling blood sugar levels.Medical studies have claimed that regular intake of beans reduces blood sugar and also keep the other diabete’s symptoms in check.You have beans in form of lentil soup, or you can use it in salad.Canned beans are also fine and can be easily added to your diet.


Get 3-4 Servings Of Fruits Everyday


1 serving of fruits is 1 piece of whole fruit,or ½ cup of cooked or canned fruit.Fresh fruits juices are also helpful  for diabetic but eating whole fruits are more effective.Because the diabetes-fighting nutrients are found in flesh,skin and seeds of the fruits, which fruit juices are lacking.

You can eat 1 serving of fruit in morning,2 fruits serving between lunch and dinner time and last one at night time.Fruits are also rich in antioxidants that fight efficiently against diabetes signs and symptoms


Load Your Plate With Vegetables


Add as much as possible vegetables in your main course.As vegetables are full of diabetes fighting fiber and other important nutrients, and are low in calories.

Vegetables keeps you fit without loading you up with simple carbs and saturated fats both are responsible for raising blood sugar level and insulin resistance

The above mentioned dietary  treatments will be beneficial for diabetic if followed religiously.

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