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Everyone has mood swings , they are the low phases of life in which we get gloomy and depressed.Normally these low feelings generally last for a little while. However in clinical depression the sufferer  gets trapped in low phases, which in turn affects the patient’s daily life.Depression is a serious mental disorder in which patient go through the feelings of self reproach,low self-esteem,sadness and despair.


The patient gives up social contact due to low confidence,and absence of excitement.It is also accompanied by insomnia and loss of appetite.The main reason of depression  is negativity which affects the perception of the bearer’s about himself and those around him.Therefore, depression should never be taken lightly as along with the damage to mental state of the sufferer it can also interfere with physical state.

Moreover, if depression is left untreated it can lead to suicidal tendencies.This psychological disorder can be effectively treated by simple home remedies by positive outlook towards life,proper diet and regular exercise.

Some of these remedies to battle low moods are as follows:

 Stock Up On Veggies And Fruits

According to scientific studies the antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables helps to fight against the disease causing free radicals present in the body.


The free radicals causes ageing,dysfunction and damage to your body which often add up to depression.Vitamin C and E kills the free radicals and prevents degeneration to the body.So it recommended to eat large quantities of fruits and vegetables such as kiwis,tomatoes,oranges,peaches,carrots,broccoli,blueberries,apricot etc.

Fight It With Fish

Fish and fish oil supplements can effectively treat depression and studies have also proven that consumption of these supplements and cold water fishes  will reduce the chances of  getting depression further down the lane.


  Due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon,anchovy,tuna etc which aids to cure depression.So, including  fish and fish supplements are a great bet to deal with depression.

 Calm Your Mind With Carbs

There is a direct link with our mood and carbohydrates intake.This is because of carbohydrate intake can raise the neurotransmitter known as serotonin which is associated with mood and behavior. Serotonin is the same chemical which the anti-depressants pills like Prozac targets to increase.So these good carbs make you feel pleasant and happy.

good and bad carbs

Always go for good carbs like fruits,vegetables,legumes and whole-grains.It is advisable to cut down on sugar and replace it with complex carbohydrates.It soothes your mind,control the mood swings and cure depression.

Pack Protein In Your Diet

For the boost of concentration,alertness and mind clarity, professionals advise to include 2-3 servings of proteins per day.This is due to the presence of tyrosine (amino acid)  that helps to raise the chemicals of brain namely norepinephrine and dopamine.


So cure your depression by eating loads of proteins such as chicken, turkey,yogurt,soya products,pulse,tuna,etc.

Amla Juice And Nutmeg Powder

A combo of nutmeg and gooseberry juice works immensely to cure depression.Avoid market prepacked amla juice and extract your amla juice at home as they are packed with nutrients and have no additives.Take 1 Tbsp. Of amla juice and mix in it a pinch of nutmeg powder (jaiphal) and consume this mixture daily for better results.


Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas are time immemorial practice which add balance and control to your life and mind.By making specific postures and breathing control both the mind and body gets more strong and grounded.It is a must to do for all the individuals suffering from depression.


It has been medically proven that yoga decreases anxiety,neurotic symptoms and anger profoundly.Yoga postures helps to release certain chemicals in the body that help cure depression. So practice yoga daily for positive results.

Battle Obesity

 Obesity is directly connected to depression.Researches claims that obese individuals are more prone to depression than the fit people.If you are over weight, you should get your weight down by eating proper diet and exercises to stay away from gloomy feelings and depression.


Meditate To Ensure Emotional Balance

Meditation is an effective treatment to have more balance and strength to your mind and body.It improves attention and reduces the negativity that causes imbalance of emotions.Meditation done on daily basis helps to bring positiveness in your life, so why wait? Meditate daily for a new happy you!


Light Therapy

For seasonal affective depression disorder especially in dark winter season, this therapy involve exposure to sunlight that aids in boosting your serotonin level in the body.Serotonin is an important chemical that influences your mood and can activated by vitamin D present in the sunlight.


A casual walk in morning during winter months is very beneficial but it is recommended to wear your natural sunscreen or caps to be save your skin from ultra violent rays of the sun.So it is advisable to go in morning sun and replace gloomy winter days with a broad smile.

 Music Therapy

Music has a soothing effect on soul,mind and body.Soft and calming properties of music provides short term cure from depression.This therapy should be done in silence and peaceful place.Simply lie on a quite place and let the softness of the music, do its work.Psychiatrist say that music therapy improves the condition of a depressed person.


Listening To Holy Quran And Praying

Listening to the Holy Quran and saying your prayers is a very effective therapy to reduce depression.As this therapy is nourishing your soul and makes you more calm and grounded.


Flower Power

For busting your bad mood try looking and smelling beautiful , colorful flowers.They are delight to the eyes and give peace to your mind.Keep the house tidy and decorate it with fresh vibrant flowers.It is a great aromatherapy to lighten up your mood.

flowers-wallpapers-love-blooms-roses-bunch-of-flowers - Copy

Take bath by adding few drops of floral essential oils like lavender, rose, etc. and also use herbal soaps to create a spa kind of treatment at home.Use also add rose petals to your bathing tub to enliven your senses.

 Massage Therapy

Body massage is one of the best remedy to release stress and tensions of the body.Having a full body massage is very relaxing.Head massage with doTERRA essential oils give you sound sleep and it leads to cure insomnia related to depression.And it will make you feel rejuvenated, energy packed and refreshed in the following morning, giving a kick start to the new day.It gives positive impression to your mind and eliminates the negative emotions.


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