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8 Tips To Detox Your Body

As promised, today, I will show you, how to do detox of your body simply by following my eight tips!

81. Cut Back on Sugar

This sugar-detox is an effective way to clear out toxins and improve your overall health. You can start, by reducing your daily sugar consumption, be it honey, artificial sweeteners or molasses. As excessive sugar intake increases your insulin levels that might put load on your pancreas which contributes to obesity, cancer, diabetes and excessive fatigue.

2. Drink Lemon Water

I would suggest you take lemon water in the morning, as it will wash away the toxins, out of your body.

3. Keep Moving

Regular exercise keeps your blood circulation and lymphatic system pumped up. Doing just that keeps your body strengthen, promotes digestion, reduces stress and lubricate your joints. People who exercise regularly are much healthier as they have very few toxins in their bodies.

4. Drink More Tea

Tea is not only rich in antioxidants but it also hydrates you immensely and fills you up! (go for herbal ones!) Research proves that tea can curtail your hunger pangs and can make you choose healthy stuff! But just remember, one thing, caffeine in tea is different than caffeine in coffee. It is way gentler for your system! So, sip the tea more often.

5. Eat Organic

Go organic! Eat more colorful fruits and veggies! Also eat, legumes, seeds, nuts, and beans. Especially have more leafy greens, these are rich in micro-nutrients (like vitamins and minerals). Good new is that you can munch on them as much as you want, as they are really low in calories.

6. Fight Environmental Pollutants

Pollutants are present every where! I suggest, you to use Neti-Pot,  right before bed-time. This remedy here, will not just help you with the elimination of pollutants and help you to breathe naturally, but will also improve your sleep quality. So, go for Neti-Pot!

7.  Get Steam Bath Via Sauna

Sauna helps to eliminate toxins through lymphatic  system, which also boosts weight loss. Get sauna more often, as sweating is the best way to detox.

8. Exfoliate

Skin brushing and oil massage helps to exfoliate the dead skin and refreshes your circulatory system. Do it more often!

These are 8 simple tips to detox your body effectively. In my next blog, I will tell you about Neti-Pot.


By Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain

Certified Health Coach / Nutrition Therapist,

E Clinic