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How Emotions Can Affect and Heal Your Body


According to the “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, there are seven fundamental emotions; which affect the physiology of human body via corresponding organs. The Chinese medicine practitioners believe that it is vital to understand and treat the basic emotions in relation to the organs that they influence and are influenced by.

The basic emotions in the Chinese medicine includes shock, fear, sadness, thoughtfulness, worry, anger and joy. Each of the emotions affects a specific organ in the body and can lead to certain illness.

The 7 Basic Emotions and the Organs They Affect

The seven basic emotions in Chinese medicine are fear, shock, thoughtfulness, worry, sadness, anger and joy.

• Shock and fear dwell in the kidneys
• Thoughtfulness dwells in the spleen
• Sadness and worry dwell in the lungs
• Anger dwells in the liver
• Joy dwells in the heart

How to Transform Your Emotions

The transformation of emotions occur along the lines of three distinct patterns:

1) An emotion can reduce another.
2) An emotion can overcome another.
3) And an emotion can give rise to another.

These transformations, if uncontrolled and unintended, are unfavorable and may cause imbalance in the body.

1) Emotion reduce one another according to the following pattern:

Sadness and worry reduce joy
• Anger reduces sadness and worry
• Thoughtfulness reduces anger
• Shock and fear reduce thoughtfulness
• Joy reduces shock and fear

You can heal your body emotionally by using emotions to reduce emotion in excess.

2) They can overcome one another in the following manner:

Sadness and worry overcome anger
• Joy overcome sadness and worry
• Shock and fear overcome joy
• Thoughtfulness overcomes shock and fear
• Anger overcome thoughtfulness

Being aware of the strength of emotions over one another enable you to transform a predominant emotion into a more favorable one and keep the bodily balance.

3) They give rise to each other in this pattern:

Anger to joy
• Joy to thoughtfulness
• Thoughtfulness to worry and sadness
• Sadness and worry to fear and shock
• Shock and fear to anger

How the Seven Emotions Affect the Organs

Let’s take a closer look at how the seven emotions can affect the corresponding organs negatively.

• The most controversial one is excessive joy. It is considered a positive emotion but according to Chinese medicine, excess joy causes the heart to calm down extremely that may cause deficient functioning.

• Similarly, excessive anger use up liver’s energy, which lead to inefficient liver function. This anger energy can also rush up to head and cause headaches, high blood pressure, and even stroke in extreme cases.

• When sadness and worry reign supreme, they use up lung energy, which may cause abdominal pain and swelling.

• Over pensiveness burns up spleen energy, which leads to congestion in the organ.

• Excessive shock or fear consumes the energy of the kidneys. This leads to lower-body issues and kidney inefficiency.

Food Can Heal the Emotions

In China, five basic flavors in foods are used to aid transform an emotion into fire. It means that you have to transform an unfavorable emotion with the help of favorable emotion consciously and then transform that favorable emotion into healing power.

The five food flavors consumed to amplify vital emotions while reducing excessive emotion according to the following chart:

Stay healthy!