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10 Rules Of Life


There are many laws and many rules on planet Earth, which if followed sincerely, can be extremely beneficial to our lives. Here are few golden rules of life, which will simply amaze you by it positive life changing results!

o No one can ever be in charge of your happiness, but you, as only you are solely responsible for all that happens to you. Because you are Master of your destiny.

o Enjoy whatever you have right now and start by wearing your favorite clothes. Don’t save them for any special festive occasion because today is special and the festive occasion you are looking forward to is right here— right now. Is there any guarantee that you will even take your next breath?

o It is never ever too late to enjoy your childhood. But to be a child again and be care-free as only a child can be, is simply up to you and no one else.

o No matter how bad a situation may seem today, it will surely change tomorrow. And definitely for better, not worse.

o Time heals everything and there is simply nothing that time does not heal. Just give some time to work things out.

o Others opinion about yourself should make no impact on you. All that matters is what you think about yourself.

o Life does not come packed in a beautiful gift-box, but it is the greatest and most beautiful gift for all.

o If you were to throw your problems in a sea, along with all the other people problems, you will immediately pick back yours, as you will feel that your problems are just a few drops in the vast ocean, when compared to other people.

o All that really matters in the end is that you had the opportunity to experience the joy and pain of love. Neither pain is constant, nor is joy, only love is the only element that is constant and always remains the same.

o Finally, always remember, the best is yet to come.Yes, it is the fact which most people overlook. The best is always, yet to come. If you don’t believe me simply look back at the last 10 years of your life. See where you were 10 years back, see where the world was 10 year ago. And then honestly look where you are today, where the world is today, and where you possibly could be tomorrow or 10 years from now, if “TODAY”, you begin applying these 10 life rules.

Good Luck for your BEST that is yet to come!

Stay healthy!