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How To Cope With Spiritual Anxiety

Everyone feels nervous or anxious sometimes. Following are some suggestions that can help you calm down emotional upsets. Calming spirit can be achieved by noticing the imbalances in your mind and body and bring them back into balance through changing your thought process and the subsequent actions.


1) Quiet your breathing

Notice changes in your breathing- Stress can cause over-breathing. Calm any fast paced breaths, with slow and steady breaths. Doing meditation is a good preventive method to ease up anxieties and also helps to maintain healthy breathing.

2) Pamper yourself

Pamper your mind , body and spirit- Remove yourself from the chaos and give yourself some quality alone time. Lock yourself in the bedroom and take that much needed soak in the tub. A bubble bath is your ticket to serenity. Enjoining a rejuvenating soak is just one of several ways you can pamper yourself. Try curling up on the sofa and reading an entertaining novel or taking a solitary walk in the park.

3) Give your mind a time out

Clear your mind from troubling thoughts- Any time you are suffering mentally or are feeling anxious it is helpful to temporarily clear your mind of all thoughts that are upsetting you. It is simply not healthy to focus on your problems 24/7. Guided visualizations are superb mental escapes that can help you to switch your focus away from anything that is bothering you. Imagine yourself in a dream sequence where you are relax. Choose garden path, desert oasis or an ocean view.

4) Create Boundaries

Keep Your Distance from Others- You may require to step back and create some distance between yourself and anyone who is making you feel anxious. It is vital to have some Me-time when feeling anxious so that you are able to gather your energies and contemplate a better response to the anxious situation.

5) Nurture Your Inner Child

Be a Loving Parent to Your Inner Child- Oftentimes when we, as adults, are experiencing situations that make us feel powerless or anxious our thoughts will turn to memories from our childhoods when we experienced loneliness or fear. When children feel helpless and small they look to parents for protection. Take a moment to be a loving and caring parent to your inner child. Let him (or her) know that you will get the two of you through the rough time. Give yourself a hug. Don’t feel stupid. You know you want to, go ahead, just do it.

6) Slow Down Your Responses

Get your ducks in a row before reacting- Most of us have made mistake of being reactive at one time or another, without putting facts in line. When the world seem to get you down and you feel like lashing out immediately- Wait! Don’t react. You will better handle a trying situation in a calmer state, and come to a resolution sooner if you take time to fully assess the situation. Get all your ducks in a row before you decide on a response.

7) Stop That Self-Critical Voice

Stop That Critical Voice inside Your Head- Disappointingly, we can be our own worst enemies. Don’t criticize yourself for falling short or not being able to meet your goals in some way or the other. You are doing the best you can. Just calm down. Refuse to listen to that critical voice inside your head that says you are not good enough. Resolve to transform any nagging words into praise for things that you have accomplished. You are just fine. Affirm yourself daily. You are PERFECT!

Lean on Somebody

It is fine to seek help- Doing everything alone can make you feel anxious, plus exhausted. Seek out that soft shoulder to lean on and give yourself a rest.

9) Take a Spiritual Treat

Take a spiritual treat- Taking a half hour bubble bath each evening or taking sometime out of your hectic day for a mental calmness are great stress relievers. But they are not going to be sufficient for calming those severe anxieties that are slowly killing you inside. Everyone requires a change of pace to help bring balance to their lives. You may require to take an extended vacation from work, etc. After a spiritual retreat you will be back home, more readily able to face your daily stresses.

Stay healthy!